Fareeha’s Creations

Every one of us is gifted with some unique skills and my friend Fareeha is one of those people who are gifted with multiple skills. She has such a creative mind because she has such fine writing skills, artistic skills which include handicrafts, photography and sketching as well as she has such a beautiful and amazing voice. I’ve known her since two years. When our college started we were just class mates, then we became really good friends as time passed by and during this time I discovered about her multiple skills. When the second year of our college started she took handicrafts in her extracurricular activity and whatever she used to learn there, she started making those things in bulk like handmade bangles, flowers, envelopes, decoration pieces used in clothes, Eid cards etc. In this way she found out what her passion was and what her dream was. She wanted the world to see her unique creations and appreciate it. In order to make her dream come true, her dream of being recognized as a young entrepreneur she started working on it. In our college carnival she put up her stall with her another friend of handmade stuff that she made in bulk and in a way she was able to sell most of her handmade things which covered her cost only. She didn’t got so much profit but she was satisfied that people came and bought her handmade materials. She also made her own page on a social media site (face book) which is known as Fareeha’s Creations where she uploaded pictures of everything she made so that people can see her creations and in order to sell them she started researching about delivery facilities so that she could sell her customers who were increasing day by day. She firstly sold her handmade materials to all our classmates including me; also she sold it to her cousins and other people whom she knew. She faced difficulties in delivering them that is why she researched for delivery facilities. One of her friend gave her the contact of sky net; they gave cash on delivery facilities but she didn’t started this new delivery system immediately because she was already busy with her studies as our final board exams were near. She firstly updated on her page that she will start this new delivery system through sky net in June 2013, she took orders for that in advance on her page and kept updating pictures of the new handicraft materials that she made. It was difficult at first for her to manage this online business as well as her studies but still she did immense hard work in her studies and got good grades in finals of our board exams. In this way finally the month of June came and she started delivering her hand made products through sky net. At this point Fareeha had customers who were from different cities of Pakistan as well as mostly from Karachi. She faced some difficulties at this point like there was a customer who belonged to Sukkur and there is no cash on delivery there so she had to get the money from easy paisa. Sometimes deliveries are not done on time that is also the problem. But anyhow in spite of these difficulties she managed to get her products sold and delivered. In the month of July she went to London and bought a lot of things from there like earring studs, key chains, pendants, bracelets, and table décor etc. She put the pictures of these things as well on her face book page for sale. She found a whole sale website where she could get a lot of different things in bulk at cheap rates, so she started ordering from that website as well as selling from there. More variety of products that she sold include ear studs, earring, necklaces, nail art fimos, stickers, dotters, pens as well as cosmetic stuff also. She still made her hand made creations like she bought charms and from those she made charm bracelets, necklaces and mobile charms. She also made some paintings, some of which got sold and some didn’t. She has also made her photography page on face book and she is still learning more and more from her work experiences, as well as taking classes of sketching. She applied for Indus Valley University and she got admission there. Sometimes many of her products get sold and sometimes they don’t but still business has its risk. The biggest risk she took was by starting her business at this very young age and at this point of life we really like taking risks and we all want to be known for our uniqueness and our skills. Up till now she is doing a very good job in her business and I hope her business flourishes worldwide in near future and that she can get the title of a young entrepreneur. The main point we get to learn from this success story is that if you have at least one best skill in you and you are best at it, which is also your passion and dream, you should work on it from the start. You yourself will get the motivation from inside you that you need to show it to the people around you that how much skilled, inventive, creative and imaginative you are. Every one of us has got this potential to spread our skills and take risks at young age and when you do something which you are passionate about always gives you success when you just strive hard for it and do it.

You can visit her page : https://www.facebook.com/fareehascreations

19 thoughts on “Fareeha’s Creations”

  1. My dear Nargis:
    Well done! Very Good story. Keep it up!
    I Pray to God that one day your efforts will bring you a best student and successful women Aameen.

  2. Creativity is an born talent blessed by GOD to really extraordinary ones and yes fareeha is one of them. Yes know the art to transform her idea in to the tangible and make a feel in it which is irresistible and viewer cannot ignore to appreciate.
    I always love her creative work and this one is also one of her master pieces….
    Wish you luck dear and always have happy creastions…


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