Killing Spree


An intuitive person I am
Always listening to my intuition
So whatever I feel like, I do
Never thought I’d kill someone
But I had to kill
Because my intuition said so

A free bird that I am
Listening to my inner voice
It was not one person I had to kill
It was a bunch of people I had to kill
It meant that I had to go now
I had to go on a killing spree

I could sense innocent souls
I could sense pure souls
But the humans I had to kill
They were clouded
Their minds evolved around
Money, power, selfishness, destruction

The humans I had to kill
They were corrupt
Never used their mind with heart & soul
Never saw into the depth of soul
A soul they all possessed
They had clouded their souls

I had to go on a killing spree
To kill these bunch of humans
Corrupt leaders they were all
It makes no sense right ?
What makes sense is
Keep hope & everything will be fine

But I was a free bird
Listening to my intuition
I had to go now
A killing spree this is
I killed them one by one
All thirty one of them

Cutting those humans into pieces
Slit their throats out
Cutting all the bodies into halves
Blood pouring out of the bodies
A pool of blood, all red red everywhere
Blood blood everywhere

A serial killer that I was now
Because I killed powerful humans
I killed corrupt leaders
Now I don’t know
How did I killed them ?
Am I stronger than I thought ?

I already know the answer
My intuition guided me
I got over powered by intuition
And then I just killed
Left blood and bodies every where
Now people were afraid of me

How can I tell them
That now its all done
No need to be afraid
I couldn’t tell a soul
I kept walking
Finding a place of shelter

Was the killing spree over
No, not yet
But what was left?
I was going to find out now
Knocked a door
A girl came out on the door

By seeing into her soul
I knew she would free me
So I asked if I could get a blanket
She said yes
And called her mother
Then she stared at me

I knew instantly that she knew
She knew about my killing spree
She was intuitive like me
But I could not let her reveal
That I was the serial killer
I moved toward her

A pure soul that she was
I could not harm her but I had to
Her mother came, they exchanged looks
She took out a knife
From her mother’s coat pocket
And plunged it straight into my heart

Yes yes yes I was free
My soul was free
My work was done in that world
Thats what I came for in the world
To go on a killing spree
Then free my soul by a pure girl

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