The Starchaser Saga by Renee Dugan – Cover Rebrand Reveal

I’m so thankful to Renee Dugan and her team for reaching out to me and giving me a chance to participate in this cover reveal for her new duology, “The Starchaser Saga.” These covers are honestly so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Blurb (As per the author):

Princess Cistine Novacek dreams of books, tea, and peace – a quiet life in the kingdom of Talheim. When a threat of war rises with their southern neighbors, she embarks on a perilous quest: seeking alliance with Talheim’s powerful former enemies, a fearsome kingdom whose reputation may end the war before it begins.

But the warriors of the north are far more dangerous than Cistine bargained for, and when a group of bandits captures her retinue, she decides to strike a different bargain with them—one that will forge a princess into a fighter and change the fate of both their kingdoms forever.

For Princess Cistine Novacek, alliance is no longer a desperate hope—it’s a battle. Along with her warrior friends, she fights to thwart a powerful enemy, protect both kingdoms, uncover their secrets, and become the ruler she was born to be.

Ashe Kovar, Warden to the Princess, faces worse than death in a brutal prison arena. To gain her freedom, she must work with the very people she despises. But while cruel truths come to light, Ashe’s path grows darker. The choices she makes below the desert sands will shape the fate of the kingdoms—and of the people fighting to save them.

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