Self Introduction

My name is Nargis Kalani. Every person is unique in his or her own way but I am a kind of girl who gets motivation from her inner self and I am always hopeful and determined no matter what. I like helping people around me and I get happiness from it. I find happiness in every little thing. Also I am a very hardworking person who works hard to achieve every goal in life. I am also a very friendly person. The thing I like to do the most in my spare time is reading novels. I achieved A grade in matric overall and B grade in inter commerce overall. For now what I have thought about my future mission is that I want to be the editor of a magazine because I have passion for writing and I think that I will enjoy being the editor of the magazine as I will do my job very effectively and with creativity so that I can attract people with my work and get more readers for the magazine.

11 thoughts on “Self Introduction”

  1. Dear daughter Nargis:
    Excellent work! May God Bless you in every step of life Aameen. As you have shared that you are hardwoking, you are, so keep it up.


    Farida Malik

  2. Dear nargis
    you are a talented person… only few
    people in this world
    knws hw to use this brilliant talent and ur one of them i wish u all the best and
    May God bless u always♥♥…


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