Soul Mirror By Jessica Tumminello

Book Name: Soul Mirror Author: Jessica Tumminello Genre: Shortstory, Magic, YounAdult Plot: “April has been smart enough to fool a lot of smart people. Her life might not be perfect but she knows what she wants and how to get it, even if it means profiting at other people’s expense -that is, until she inherits … Read more Soul Mirror By Jessica Tumminello

Spartanica by Powers Molinar

Spartanica is a science fiction adventure novel and its the first book in the series of The Survivors of Sapertys by Powers Molinar. Plot: “Heart-pounding action. Fantastical creatures. Epic battles for survival. Staggering betrayal. Spartanica, the first book in The Survivors of Sapertys Series, is an engaging young-adult/teen science fiction adventure novel that traces the … Read more Spartanica by Powers Molinar

Unconditional Life by Deepak Chopra

Plot: “Filled with dramatic case histories, Unconditional Life examines disciplines ranging from modern physics and neuroscience to the ancient traditions Indian wisdom. Deepak Chopra’s thesis is that our perceptions creates our experience and that we live inside the boundaries of our conditioning, yet boundless freedom lies outside them. The outside world can be radically altered … Read more Unconditional Life by Deepak Chopra