Book Review: Aqson Level 1



Book Name: Aqson Level 1

Author Name: Sreejib

Genre: Indian Literature, Fiction

First of all, I would like to thank the author for giving me her book to read and write the review for it. .

Let me start this review with some positive aspects of this novel. This book was such a different read for me because of its story line and secondly it was based in Bengal which is a part of India. I have never read a book based in India. So naturally this was new for me.
Also, the storyline of this book revolved around politics whether it be human politics or politics between devine beings (angels). All that stuff about student politics was literally intriguing. Again, something new for me read thoroughly and ponder upon while reading. .
My feelings while reading this book:
At first when I started reading, I was literally shouting in my head, “What the hell is happening. Its so confusing.” The story kept switching between humans and angels. I had difficulty identifying the characters that who was who. So I tried to read patiently because I have this curiosity to read ahead no matter how the story is, i just have to know what happens next.
Then suddenly the story took a drastic turn and I couldn’t stop reading. Though in between a voice kept shouting in my head that this story contains so much politics and I don’t like politics at all. Oh well, I got double minded as I was hating politics but was curious about it too.
I was a little bit shocked when Job’s weapon Life was fully revealed though deep down i suspected the same outcome that was described in the book. I won’t give any spoilers. You gotta read the book for uncovering the whole story. .
At the end of this review, I just want to say that at some points I felt confused as to when which character was speaking. .
I actually enjoyed reading the book as the story progressed. Kept me so curious until the end.
This story was something new and I am waiting impatiently for the next part to publish.

I give this book 4/5 stars.

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