What your soul already known by Salma Farooq


I was given a copy of this book by the author Salma Farook to read and review it.

Goodreads Synopsis:

We live life like automatons, moving with reckless inattentiveness through the preset motions. We have lost touch with our inner selves, the self that has all the answers, that is imbued with the natural balance of joy and productivity. What have we forgotten? What have we lost to this mechanical lifestyle?

The secrets to joy, aren’t secrets at all. They aren’t being whispered. You are just not listening loudly enough to the wisdom of your inner voice.

This book is a reminder to listen.

It is a detailed exploration of elements such as personal qualities, interpersonal skills and healthy habits that make up the path to intuitive happiness and productivity. 

My Review:

Only when we trust without a doubt that we can do whatever we want to do, however fantastic it may seem, will we commit to giving our full efforts towards it.
And only when we give our all, can we attain a better reality.
So the next time you find yourself plagued with uncertainty; remember to consciously put them aside.
Imagine your dream happening, picture it in your head again and again; envision even the tiny details.
“What your mind can conceive and
It can achieve.” 

These words are so inspirational and positive.

I received this book by the author at such a right time. I was going through some depressing thoughts, these past few weeks. Reading this book made me feel positive and motivated me to keep moving forward and keep fighting these depressing thoughts.

I have read many other self help books like these. These kinds of books literally give you a new perspective on life and helps you in more ways than one. I am sure those who will read this book, they will see life in a new way, they will feel inspired by this book and their own strength will be renewed. The kind words of this book will help you grow as a person in a positive manner.

The author wrote this book in such a graceful manner and I loved how before each chapter there was a topic of focus and a related quote by an inspiring person. I loved the little stories she mentioned from her life and used them as an example.
This is one of the best self help and motivational books I have read so far.
Thank you so much to the author Salma Farooq for sending me your book to read. It is truly a beautiful book that I will always cherish.


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