Being Selfless rather than Selfish.


  • Selflessness is the key to inner happiness;   
  • Selfishness is the key to your own destruction.

In this huge and diversified world there are many different kinds of people possessing different natures which have two broad categories: selfless nature and selfish nature. There are a lot of people who are more selfish rather than selfless. Here by selfish it means that just thinking about your own good and not caring about others feelings. These kinds of people are self-centered and self-absorbed. On the contrary the people who are real friendly, helpful, kind and who always smile brightly tend to be more selfless than selfish. If a person wants inner satisfaction and inner happiness, he can acquire it by being kind, selfless and forgivable.

Every human being faces hurdles in life and learns from his or her mistakes and experiences. The traits of selfishness and selflessness depend on person to person and on a type of personality a human possess. It also depends on the environment of the household, family and upbringing of that person. Human nature sometimes surprises you so much at some part of your life for instance when you face betrayal from your own best friend whom you’ve known for so long. That friend of yours suddenly breaks friendship with you because of his or her own personal reasons and completely cut ties with you. At that time you feel betrayed and hurt because that friend of yours suddenly became such a selfish person. This type of situation will effect deeply to any person who is such honest and selfless in friendships. There are people who have dual nature; by this it means a person who is delicate and friendly but he or she has an igniting jealousy factor inside them for every other person. This igniting jealousy factor develops selfishness automatically and as matter of fact these kinds of people feel threatened from their close ones. They think that whatever is theirs will be confiscated from them and they are very possessive of everything they have. People need happiness and satisfaction in life without it they get frustrated and hopeless. If a person is going through a tough and complicated situation, he or she will feel lack of motivation and hopelessness that’s natural but a person who constantly depends on worldly things to keep him or her satisfied and happy will not be satisfied for long enough. Worldly possessions only keep you entertained and satisfied for a time being and then it fades away. For example there are people who crave success and attention, in order to do so they become self-obsessed and feel threatened from others who are in the same position as them. They try to compete so aggressively with others in the same position without actually showing that they are competing aggressively and somehow they become successful but this type of success is only for a time being because it is earned by unethical means. Soon they face an earth shattering downfall.

In order to feel endless happiness, satisfaction, hope and cheerful in life one must be kind, forgiving and selfless. Being a possessive and selfish person will lead to destruction of your own life and that person is never satisfied with anything because he or she is such self obsessed that other people’s feelings are so little in front of his own. Human nature is such open and broad that if one tries so hard to overcome the evil nature inside them, he or she can do it by making a strong will, accepting their mistakes and by seeking out their inside demons. Everyone one of us is selfish in some ways and selflessness is also present inside us. A person must keep their selfish nature in control and let out their selfless nature as well try to keep balance between everything. There is always a light of right path that is present inside every human being which keeps guiding us, seek out that light of hope and truth as well as hold on to it, then everyone of us will surely be better person then we were before. Purity comes from inside us if we just let the light of hope flow and keep smiling.

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