Glowing Alien like Sea Creature seen in U.K.


On Tuesday, 3rd December 2013, on the surface of Bristol harbor in U.K. an alien like sea creature showed up which was glowing in a variety of colors. The people and scientists who witnessed this scene themselves were stunned and were thinking that what it could be? People took out their phones and took pictures and video of it and from the view point of people this creature looked like a jelly fish. A person also made video of it and in the video this creature was changing colors while moving. The news reporters already started assuming things that is it really a bizarre alien creature or a glowing jelly fish? Scientists noted that there are different kinds of species of jelly fish and there is one which is called crystal jelly also produced flashes of light but it is not often seen in Britain. It was also said that a similar species was spotted off the coast of Scotland which was then kept in the aquarium.

This article caught my eyes at yahoo.  Although this piece of article is very interesting and it intrigued me very much while I was reading. But then again when these types of unique things are spotted, people start assuming so many things at the same time like the London news asked that is our planet being taken over by aliens as these pictures of that glowing creature and a video is the proof? Many people start making different kinds of stories about and then keep dragging the issue ahead without any reliable knowledge and research. While these types of articles are very fascinating and appealing, later on many obstacles are faced and a lot of fuss about it is created on social networking sites and on the news channels. This creates so much chaos and people should first wait for the authentic research of the scientists then start talk about it and give opinions instead people start making their own different assumptions.


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