The Existence Trilogy.


The life we all are spending will come to an end one day and everyone of has to die. Usually the people are scared to die and we all are scared of our death but can you love death? Have you ever thought about how the souls travel after its body dies? Just think for a while that you can see souls all around you wandering the earth, moving past you, what would you do? Try to talk to them? And when they don’t reply you would get fed up of it and ignore it but what if you are in your school and a soul comes by you and starts playing guitar. He just starts talking to you at first you ignore but then at night he comes in your room, talks to you, you talk back to him and then every night he comes in your room and plays guitar as well sings you to sleep? You get fond of that soul because of his continuous presence but what if he is not just a soul? He is death which has come to take your soul away because it’s time for your death. Until now you are probably thinking that maybe she is out of her senses? Or maybe she is just talking nonsense but I am not. Recently I read a book; basically it is a trilogy which is called the Existence series by Abbi Glines. The first part of this trilogy is called Existence, second is Predestined and the third is Ceaseless. The questions I made you assume were basically related to this story. There’s a girl named Pagan Moore who sees souls all around her, just wandering the earth since she was three years old and she is used to it. Nobody knows that she can see souls and the souls don’t bother her so she just ignores them and is living her life like a normal girl. One day a soul comes to her while she’s in school, plays guitar and also talks to her. At first she is shocked that how can a soul talk when in her entire life no soul ever talked to her they just smiled. Then she talks to the soul when he comes at night, he plays guitar and sings her to sleep. She becomes so fond of that soul and she knows that she can’t fall in love with that soul. Then on her birthday she gets into car accident but she survives. Later on that soul tells her that he saved her and that he is death who was supposed to take her soul away because it was time. But death cheated the rules now they both will pay for it. Pagan is just devastated that she is in love with death and death who’s worldly life name is dank walker is also in love with her. This is just a fantasy novel and nothing in that is real life based. When people will read the trilogy they will feel like it’s all real because the story is so influential that it touches your soul directly. Later in the story we get to know that when Pagan was about three yours old she was badly infected with pneumonia and the doctors had said that she will die eventually but her mother couldn’t bear the thought that her only daughter will die, so she went to voodoo spirit doctor. She asked that lady to help her save her daughter and that voodoo doctor asks something in return so Pagan’s mother promises that whatever she wants take it but save her daughter. That voodoo doctor ties Pagan’s soul with Lief Montgomery who is not a human. He is a son of voodoo spirit who rules all the evil things in this world. In my opinion this whole trilogy has got a lot of suspense in it and it has such a touchy edge to it and it takes to a whole new imaginary world. Will death i.e. Dank Walker break the rules again to be with Pagan? How will Pagan free her soul from Lief? Will Death get to live forever with his only love? And there are much more imaginary adventures in this story that will shock you to no end as well as soul touching songs and feelings that emit from the book touches your soul because the whole book is based on souls.

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