The Mystery That is Yet to be Solved

There’s a mystery in my life

That is yet to be solved

It is the best thing that happened in my life

And also a worst nightmare

Both at the same time

A hope that is still there inside me

That some day this mystery will be solved

Sometimes it just hits my mind

And i can’t stop thinking about it

But then i find a lot of ways to distract myself

Because once it starts consuming my mind

It is like i have fallen into the sea

And i am sinking into the water

But there is no way out of it

The twilight novels and its movies obsession

These two things distracted me out of it

For now the mystery is buried deep inside me

There is a hope that lingers inside me

That someday this mystery will be solved

Until all this time i have made myself strong

I know and i believe in myself

I am strong enough to keep it inside me

Until that time when it will be resolved

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