Vampire Academy Novel Series


As i just love reading a lot and i can’t stop reading novels because i am addicted to it. So after i gave my first semester finals, i got two weeks holidays and i just started reading novels. I downloaded all these novels and read it in one week. Once i started reading vampire academy, i just couldn’t stop because these novels are full of suspense, sacrifice, intense love, spirit magic, and action.

There is a whole new vampire world in it. Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov’s story is a totally unique one and the way Rose sacrifices so much for Lisa and protects her every time. There is an amazing example of friendship and sacrifice in these novels that is why i enjoyed every moment of reading these novels.

Lisa Dragomir is also a strong character in these novels because she is ultimate person who has to endure so much after using her spirit magic. She suffers so much after using the magic and yet she fights and keep fighting to keep herself sane. In the end of the last novel she becomes the Queen of moroi vampires. No matter she is an eighteen year old teenager, she’s still a strong person, her believes are strong and she believes to bring a change in the vampire society. When you believe in doing something, you strive and work for it, then you can really do it.

I really love the character of Dimitri because he is such dedicated to his job and the way he is such a controlled person. But still he couldn’t help and fell in love with Rose. Dimitri’s character is very exemplary and when he becomes a strigoi, in a way he becomes evil but then Rose saves him by discovering that spirit magic when charmed in silver stake can save a strigoi who was before a moroi or dhampir by staking it into their heart.  After Dimitri is saved, he feels so much guilt inside him about what he did as a strigoi, how badly he treated Rose and killed innocents and still he goes on with hope and lives his life. He realizes his love for Rose can never fade.

In the end i would just like to say that these series are really inspiring and full of intensity of love, friendship and sacrifices as well as a wonderful journey.


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