Magic is inside us.


There are so many secrets

That your soul beholds

To seek out those secrets

You have to look within yourself

Look within the confines of your soul

Indeed your soul will reveal itself

Your soul will reveal every secret

Then you will feel the magic inside you

This little poem that i have written above was to catch your attention and i believe that i have caught your attention.

Do you believe in magic? And no i am not talking about witch magic, or black magic or the magic tricks that are often done by magicians. Here i am talking about a different kind of magic. That magic is inside everyone of us. Now you would be thinking what nonsense am i talking about. But believe me after reading all this you will start thinking about this different kind if magic.

  • Sitting under the sky at night with countless shinning stars in the sky and feeling peaceful.
  • Standing at the mountain with snow all around you and trying to touch the clouds that are just above you. At this moment you feel joyful and happy.
  • Taking a long morning walk, listening to the music, feeling every song you listen to and also feeling strong and healthy.
  • Lying on bed at night and talking to yourself in mind. Thousands of thoughts and ideas are running into your mind. You feel like enlightening the world, you smile and then go to sleep peacefully.
  • Reading a novel or any book so deeply and when you finish reading it, you feel accomplished. You feel like you are renewed.

All of these moments i mentioned above are the kind of moments that you experience in your life many times and you experience more moments other than all these. Have you ever relived these moments in your mind and observed what was so unique and different about these moments and experiences? I’ll give you the insight. These moments are magical in their own way. This type of magic that i am talking about is not physical or material. It is merely a feeling of pure magic that resides inside everyone of you. People these days face so much distress in their daily life, they face heart breaks, betrayal, jealousy, failure, feeling tired of living life, killing each other, wanting more money and fame and so much more. This is process of life these days. Failures, heartbreaks, jealousy and all things that i mentioned above, we can be healed by those things we face. The most important thing is to always have hope no matter what and the light of hope comes from within us. Then there is believing in yourself that you can do anything and your are capable of anything no matter what. Just don’t restrict your mind over one thing.

To feel this magic inside yourself, you first have to start spending a little time with yourself and believe me this will help you a lot. You wont get real happiness from your surrounding but from within you. So sit in a quite place close your eyes and first calm yourself by imagining this :

The pure water is flowing inside you, making you pure and renewing your heart and soul. Then the light is shinning inside you and reaching your whole body, re-storing your hope and refreshing you, making you humble and kind.

Like this you can imagine anything to calm your mind and then start asking yourself questions, you will definitely get your answers from within your soul. This is the process of knowing ‘who you really are’. If you think that no i don’t have time for this, then believe me you wont have time for anything else. As i said just don’t restrict your mind over these thoughts. You will feel this magic in yourself everyday if you just start looking within your soul. You yourself hold this key of unlocking the magic inside you. What you have to do is just spend time with yourself and live every moment of life. Life is a gift from God, so don’t waste it over the feeling ofย  sorrow.

“You are without needs. There is nothing that you need in order to be perfectly happy. You only think that there is. Your deepest, most perfect happiness will be found within and once you find it, nothing exterior to yourself can match it, nor can anything destroy it.” -Neale Donald Walsch

You just have to recreate yourself again and again. Feel the magic that resides inside you. Just don’t restrict your mind over anything because you can do anything you want, start spending time with yourself and feel the magic, you will be surprised by what you find within your soul.

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