Cats, Dogs and Pigeons: My Favourite Pets.


  • Cats are so cute & and innocent
  • They love to cuddle
  • Pigeons are the most peaceful
  • And they are so very beautiful
  • Dogs are the intelligent ones
  • Yet they are so loving

So these above mentioned animals are my favourite pets and you usually see them around you in your every day life. I don’t actually have these pets but someday I would have each of them. Now you would be wondering how can they be my favourite, when I don’t even own one of them. Well let me tell you this, I have been observing them since I was a little kid. I did not just observe them, I played with the cats and caught the pigeons, then I used to let them go. I never played with dogs, in fact I merely observed the dogs on the street and watched different kinds of dogs in movies. Though I’ve always wanted to pat a dog and hold it in my arms.

I always felt a kind of infatuation towards these pet animals. Their beauty and innocence have always awestruck me because I have observed them with such passion and love that it amazes me even now. Still every time I see a pigeon or a cat or dog I just stop whatever I am doing and start staring at them with awe. When I was a little kid, I used to play with the Cat’s kittens, as the cat with her little kittens used to rest and sit just outside our home. The cat used to watch me while I played with her kittens and i also stroked the cat as I just couldn’t resist touching her. I used to put all the kittens in my lap and stroked them again and again. The kittens were so soft and delicate. I loved to mimic their sound of meow and I still like to do that. Cats are just so soft, cute and innocent. Cats love to cuddle once they are familiar with you, so I cuddled with every cat I ever played with and that really felt amazing. I have never touched a dog or played with it but have watched many different kinds of dogs in the movies. I have dreamed about dogs many times and those dreams always have left me wishing that I want my own dog someday.

Pigeons, oh! how I just love pigeons. Holding them in my hand and feeling their heart beat is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. When the eggs of the pigeons hatch, the little baby pigeons that come out of it are a sight of fascination. Baby pigeons have yellow furs when they are born and they are really pretty. Pigeons have given eggs in our balcony so many times, so I have had the time to observe them and their chicks. I played with the baby pigeons so many times, taking them in my hands, and caring for them, they were truly the most  amazing moments. Two or three times I caught the big pigeons and just held them in my hands. Though they get pretty scared but I held them for a while, felt their softness, I felt their peaceful nature and observed the way they keep seeing here and there. I literally felt their heart beat as well. That moment was pretty special and it was an out of the world experience. Pigeons are unique in their own way. The furs on their neck shines with multiple colors if you have observed them closely. The way they see here and there its a little funny but when you just stare at them, its fascinating and it feels they are smiling. I have observed them for hours and it brings peaceful feelings within me.

In the end I would just like to say that observing animals is really fascinating and you get to know such little details about them plus they are really beautiful from inside out. So just love animals and do not hurt them in any way because they are also living beings.


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