DragonFly By Charles A. Cornell


Believing in yourself and your dreams

Never lose hope

Your strength come from inside yourself

Fight your battle till the end and don’t give up

With these above four doings

Magic can happen anywhere, in any form

DragonFly is a novel full of action, science and magic. It is a science-fiction novel based at the time of world war II and it is an adventure of Pilot Officer Veronica Somerset. The story starts with an attack by Nazi planes on the train in which Veronica(Ronnie) is traveling to her newly assigned post, then when she reaches the Royal Naval Station Enysfarne, its a castle high above the Cornish coastline, another attack takes place there by the Nazi planes. She then learns that her post as pilot is confirmed and will be testing the latest British Plane called the DragonFly, which is not at all like an ordinary plane. This plane can travel in air and underwater as well because it runs on ordinary water and can refuel in sea or in a rainstorm. The plane is designed by a resident scientist Nigel Pennbridge and he shows her War Office’s Department of Experimental War technology where he runs all the experiments and inventions. Nigel shows her his latest inventions regarding a crystal which is called paramagnum vitae, the crystals are packed inside shells and are vacuum sealed used to fire the attacking Nazi planes.

Bernhardt Morax, Reichsfuhrer of Zauber Korps is a very powerful man of Adolf Hitler who has psychic powers through which he could reach into a person’s soul and bring forward the naked truth. Morax with Adolf Hitler is creating advanced technology planes to attack the British and another one of their secret weapons is the Blutskreigers. They are robots created out of human prisoners of war with enhanced robotic parts and they cannot even think for themselves.

Then there is an ancient family of druids who have connections with the Roayal family of Britain. So there is magic, bravery, action and a thrilling experience of flying the dragon fly. The strength of Veronica Somerset is outstanding during this whole time and she believes so much in saving Britain that she never loses hope. You would be surprised to find a little love affair too in this novel, so this balances everything. Each chapter contains illustrations of some scenes as well, including the pictures of dragonfly, Veronica, Nigel and the Blutskriegers.

Throughout this novel i was just so lost in the story that what will happen next and all the fight scenes and every time when Ronnie flies the DragonFly, it felt like was there too with her experiencing it all and having the adventure with her. A scene where Veronica sees that soul of ancient druid(rabbi), was all magical because since the beginning of the novel it didnt seem that this type of scene would occur and then Ronnie also feels danger and starts seeing visions, she hears voice of Hans Schuler’s voice in her head. it feels like they have a strong connection between them and then later in the novel you find out everything and every mystery.

The young adult reader would definitely love this whole adventure and action set in the time of world war II and i am sure someday we would be seeing this novel turning into an amazing action movie. I would simply love it if that happens in near future and plus i am awaiting for the second novel called Spies in Manhattan.

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