The Imaginary Friends (chapter 2)


Chapter 2: Day Dreaming

I was sitting on my bed with my closed, reliving the dream in my mind. Never had I felt this lively and blissful and just when I stopped reliving that dream, my long forgotten childhood memories started pouring in my mind. It was like all those memories were hiding in the back of my mind and now they were revealing themselves to me. Though I could feel these memories were only the special one that automatically got stored in my mind for lifetime. Because obviously I couldn’t recall every moment of my childhood. Suddenly my eyes focused on the clock above my bed and it was 8:10 am. Just then I heard my mom say, “Ana! are you still sitting on your bed with your eyes closed? I thought you are awake and getting ready but it looks like you fell asleep again.” Mom was standing on the doorway of my room waiting for my answer, “Mom! I am not asleep, I am awake. See, my eyes are open,” I say, smiling sleepily. “It doesn’t seems like that to me because because you are sitting there from fifteen minutes young lady, aren’t you going to college today?” Mom asked, looking at me angrily. “Yes mom, I am going to college,” I said, feeling a little irritated. “Then hurry up, go get ready. Don’t forget to pack your overnight bag, You are staying at Mandy’s house for one night, right?” Mom asked me with a slight frown. “Yes mom,” I said, yawning loudly. With this mom left my room and in order to get me out of the bed, she turned on the light of my room.

I got out of the bed, took out my night clothes from the cupboard and put it in the backpack. A notebook, a course book and some other useful stuff were already the bag as I packed it last night before sleeping. I took out a jeans and a button down shirt and put it in my backpack, just in case if I need it. Right now my mind was filled with that dream I saw as well as my childhood memories. After getting fully ready for college, I ate breakfast and I waited for Rachel’s text message as she comes with her dad in the car to pick me up for college. Its been a year since I got enrolled in University of Malaya, Kuala Lampur for doing my bachelors. Its been one hell of a year I must say because me and my friends, we have studied hard as well as enjoyed to our fullest. Just then I heard a message beep of my cellphone and saw Rachel’s text message, she was here, waiting outside my house in the car. I said my goodbyes to mom dad, went outside, sat in car at the back seat with Rachel and off we went on our way to college. I met Rachel on the first day of college, she’s one of my best friends though we became friends only a year ago. Since then me and Rachel go to college together, in her dad’s car. Her dad does a pretty good job of picking and dropping us off to college whenever we have classes and Rachel’s dad is a businessman. Well Rachel and I live on the same street i.e. Jalan 11/6, her house is just a few blocks away from mine, so its quite convenient for us to go together.

Sitting in the car, lost in my thoughts, as they were flowing in my mind at such a fast pace, it was like day dreaming, literally. “Ana! are you all right?” Rachel’s voice jolted me out of my day dreaming. “Yeah, I am totally perfect,” I said, giving her a bright smile. “Oh yeah? Well I got worried for a while there because when you came in the car, you looked looked you were sleepwalking and since you sat in the car, you didn’t even say a word, so I thought maybe there’s something wrong with you,” Rachel said, giving me a worried look. I chuckled and said “Oh hey! don’t worry, I think I was day dreaming, sorry about that.” “Oh, its okay,” she said, flashing her sweet smile. Rachel is the purest girl I’ve ever met and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. “So tell me whats up with you today? Because normally you just come, sit in the car and start talking non-stop,” Rachel asked curiously. Well I really can’t keep anything from Rachel and the dream I saw today was something I totally wanted to share with her. Then I totally got engrossed in telling her my dream as well as everything that happened since I woke up. She then understood the reason of my quietness and encouraged me to keep on day dreaming. Rachel asked me about my childhood memories, she wanted to know how this dream of mine was connected to my childhood and how just one dream brought out those long forgotten memories to the forefront of my mind. I was still not sure if I had all the answers and I needed a little more to process all this in my mind. Up till now we had reached college. I told Rachel that we will talk about this topic afterwards. She reminded me that she got permission for our night stay at Mandy’s and she was really excited for it. We parted ways, as our classes were in different buildings, though we will be meeting after our class. My whole friend circle including me and Rachel had only two classes today, then we will free. I think we will take full advantage of it and stay a little late in the university.

I resumed my day dreaming for the day though I did pay attention in my classes. Other than participating in my classes, I mostly stayed quiet. Mandy and Kate kept asking me in between both the classes that why was I not talking or saying anything and why did I kept smiling all the time? I just told them that I have some interesting and captivating stuff to tell them and its a surprise. Well Felicia heard this too as four of us were sitting together in class. All three of them tried to pry it out of me but I didn’t even budge. The class got over and we were free for the rest of the day. It was 1.30 pm now and we were all meeting in the cafeteria. Felicia started teasing me when we were seated in the cafeteria. She constantly kept asking me about that lucky guy’s name, of whom I was day dreaming about. I denied all this and said its not true. I just started laughing when Mandy, Kate and Felicia tried to guess that surprise because not even one guess was right. I saw Zeke, Fiona, Ian and Rachel were coming towards our table and they all asked us in unison, “Whats up with you guys? Why are you talking so loudly?”, they all had a curious look on their faces. Mandy told them every detail about my today’s dreamy and quite behaviour. After hearing all this Rachel looked at me and chuckled, I smiled, giving her a look which said ‘keep your mouth shut’ and we both bursted out into fits of laughter. Clearly they all noticed our little exchange of gesture because they asked Rachel at once to tell them what she knows. But I calmed them down and told them that I am not yet ready to tell them the details, so I made plans with them to meet up at the American restaurant KFC on street Jalan 16/4 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, where I would reveal this little surprise. This was something I too was dying to share with all of them. I still had somethings to figure out, to connect some dots. So while they all talked, laughed and cracked jokes, sitting in the cafeteria, I continued to daydream in the mean time and would smile every now and then on which they teased me a lot. I noticed that Alex and Ashton were missing today from our group, I guess they didn’t had any class today, so I thought to text them later when we will reach at Mandy’s house. Most of all I enjoyed my friend’s company because these are my closest friends and I love them unconditionally.

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