The Imaginary Friends ( chapter 3 )


The Revelation part 1
Miranda, Mandy’s mom came to pick us up from the university, as me, Kate and Rachel were staying at Mandy’s house for tonight. Mandy lived on street Jalan 16/4 and its near our university. We had just reached Mandy’s house, I was still in my daydream mode; even Mandy’s mom was astonished as to why I was so quiet today. I was finally putting together all the puzzle pieces in my mind regarding the dream and the memories which constantly kept coming in my mind since this morning.

After parking the car in the driveway, Miranda led us four girls into the house and we were greeted by her grandparents. My God! They were so happy to see us that I instantly felt like this was my home and honestly Mandy’s family was so hospitable, they made us feel so comfortable. But suddenly Mandy shouted my name so loud that she startled every one of us, we were all just staring at her with puzzled looks. All of us knew how crazy Mandy could become sometimes, she continued to speak in her loudest voice, “Ana! I am tired of you staying quiet all day and just smiling sweetly all the time. Speak up you idiot; please just stop being so quite and talk unlimited. Be your crazy self or i’ll go crazy.” I stood up from the couch and hugged Mandy tightly, to make her feel better. I could feel that she was frozen in her place, probably processing in my reaction to her sudden outburst. Then I felt Rachel and Kate’s arms around us and it was kind of a group hug. We all were smiling now, lost in our world but suddenly Mandy’s fits of laughter seized the quiet room, then everyone of us burst out laughing with her and we four girls were holding hands like we would never let go.

Mandy’s mom spoke up, breaking our laughter, “Okay okay, now calm down girls, you must be tired. So go change your clothes and rest in your room.” “Mom, actually Ana has something important to tell us, the reason behind her all day quietness and daydreaming, I mean to our whole friend circle so we planned to meet at the American restaurant KFC which is near our house.” Mandy said enthusiastically. “Okay fine, rest for a while and then get ready. You all will be eating dinner at KFC right? Do you need me to drop you by car or you’ll go there by walk?” Mandy’s mom asked with deep concern. “Yes we will eat dinner together and no, you don’t need to drop us because we are going to go there by walk. Its just around the corner and besides a little walk everyday is good for health,” said Mandy, with an amusing grin, while Kate and Rachel gave me that look which says ‘oh we know its healthy alright, we can see that Ana‘ and they just giggled. Now everyone in the room was staring at me with fascination and were smiling widely, as it was my habit of going on morning walk every day. They all knew that and plus in their opinion I have a perfect figure and health. “Hey ! Why are you all staring at me?” I asked with a questioning look. “So Mandy, you are saying that from now on you will be making a habit of walking everyday?” Miranda asked, with a serious look, knowing very well that her daughter does everything at her own will, whenever she feels like it. “Oh sure mom, ofcourse, why not?”said Mandy, smiling her mysterious smile. “I think this conversation can wait, we can all discuss it later,” said Kate, cutting in between the talk. “Its already 4:45 pm guys and we planned to meet up at 7pm in KFC, so lets get some rest before its time to get ready,”Rachel said, a bit concerned and continuing Kate’s sentence.

Mandy took us upstairs, to her room. We all needed to take bath, so Kate went to take bath first. I settled down on Mandy’s bed, took out my cell phone from my bag because I needed to text Ashton and Alex. They didn’t had a class today so I thought of informing them about our dinner meeting. When we four girls were done taking bath, I told them that I have informed Ashton and Alex as well, so they both will also be joining us. Mandy, Kate and Rachel were okay with it and Mandy also reminded Fiona that she has to come meet us at KFC, without making any excuses, in this way she can spend some quality time with us. Mandy believes that whatever things I share with them are fascinating. One thing is for sure, that my friendship with all of my friends is special and we have a strong bond.

It took us 15 minutes to reach KFC from Mandy’s house by walk. To me it was kind of a special walk, as it was thursday night, the weather was pleasant and I was accompanied with my best friends. We were now seated at one of the booths in KFC, waiting for others to arrive. I shared my thoughts about our pleasant walk, it turned out that Mandy, Rachel and Kate agreed with me that they felt the same. When our other friends arrived, we decided to order our meals later, as we all were not hungry yet. “Ana! Start spilling the secret, that you kept from us all day,” All of my friend circle said in unison. “Ok guys, before I tell you the secret, maybe one or two of you may think its absurd, you may think that its just a little thing and I’m wasting my time on it. But whatever I am going to reveal, just listen to it carefully and deeply, let it all sink into your mind, heart and soul. Then maybe you will clearly understand what I am saying,” I said, looking at everyone expectantly. They all said one by one that they are all open minded, they all believe in me and that they know I don’t talk crap. So with that I started telling my friends about my dream and how after seeing the dream when I woke up, my forgotten childhood memories came to the forefront of my mind. All of my friends circle were astonished to hear this except Rachel because I had already told her this much in the morning, she was waiting for the upcoming part that I will reveal. Felicia spoke up,”This is something new to me, I’ve never heard of such a dream and well mostly I don’t remember any of the dreams I see,” she kind a looked surprised. One by one, each of them started throwing questions at me, like how can a dream bring forth memories? Tell about your childhood memories that you now remember, how did you play with imaginary friends? There is more to it right? What else you want to say?

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