Novel Based Movies-Do they match your imaginations & expectations?

From the last three or four years some novels are getting so popular, that they are being turned into movies. The fans of the novels go crazy about the movies and they desperately wait for the movies to come out because honestly when we all read novels, we try to imagine every scene while reading it. When we hear that its movie is going to come out, we get excited about actually seeing those scenes that we imagined.
So I am going to write down the names of those movies based on novels. Then what you to do is answer the following questions about the movies by commenting on this post.

1. Which one of these movies were up to your imaginations & expectations?
2. Which one of the movies you disliked the most and why ?
3. Best scene of the movie ?
4. Is the novel better than the movie?
5. Rate the movies on the scale of 1-5?

Harry potter series


The Twilight saga


The Hunger Games


The Mortal Instruments




The Fault in our Stars


Vampire Academy


Please feel free to share your thoughts, views and answers to the questions by commenting on post .

9 thoughts on “Novel Based Movies-Do they match your imaginations & expectations?”

  1. All movies on the above mentioned franchises did well..except Vampire Academy! I was totally disappointed in the cast and execution of the movie. Apart from that all others met their book counterparts up to a level of 70-80% though I feel the Mockingjay movies are going to be better than the book..

  2. My list of favorites in descending order:
    1.Harry potter (no doubt)
    2. Hunger Games (catching fire to be precise.Loved it!)
    4.Twilight Saga
    5.Divergent (loved the book more..and then I read Allegient so it made me furious with this franchise)

    I wanna watch the Maze Runner and If I stay. Heard they are doing well on the box office.


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