The Imaginary Friends ( chapter 3 )


The Revelation part 2

I saw that spark of curiosity in Mandy and Kate’s eyes while Rachel kept patience. Rachel gave me an encouraging look to go on and say whatever more it is that I have to reveal. Fiona was quite but she also had that encouraging look on her face. Alex and Ashton had a surprising look on their faces but they just smiled, letting me know that they want to hear more. Zeke and Ian first exchanged looks and then Ian spoke up “Ana! We know there is more there is more to it and we want to hear it.” Zeke then said,” Yes Ana, go on we are listening and this nothing absurd nor crap. I think what you are about to tell is a great revelation, so all of us including me, promise to hear you out and ponder upon it deeply. What do you guys say?” Zeke and I looked towards all of them, they spoke up in unison, “Yes, Yes, we promise.” “Go on Ana, I can’t wait any longer,” Mandy said, impatiently. “Okay, here goes nothing. Well as you all know I am an only child and my childhood was somehow unique in my opinion. Mostly, the children who are lonely, they have such close relationship with their mom or dad and they get all the love they need. In my case, though I did got the love of my family but I never confided in them. I mostly liked to play with myself  by imagining different scenarios, my imagination taking over and imagining that my friends are there with me. Yes, I used to talk out loud and act as if it is all real and you know what? I actually enjoyed a lot while playing like this. I also played with my neighbor’s children but mostly I played alone. I was smart enough in that age to be careful while playing alone because I didn’t wanted my parents or any other family member who visited often, to see me playing alone. I knew they’d rather think I am mad and would have stopped me from playing alone like that. This playing alone thing with my imagination was not limited to my childhood days, I used to play like this until I was sixteen years old. After that I had build up the habit of talking with myself out loud at night when my parents slept or whenever I was alone. I remember playing dollhouse with my barbie dolls and teddy bears, making paper planes, throwing them out the window and watching it fly away. Acting as if there is a football or basket ball match going on and I am playing with my team. Dancing on my favourite songs and imagining that I am dancing on the stage and the audience is watching me. I loved to watch horror movies and I used to watch t.v serials too, then creating my own fan fiction of the movies and serials, acting on it at night when my mom dad slept. Most people find this all unusual and insist their kid to take a counseling session with a psychologist. Or when parents see their child playing like this in their fantasy world and talking to themselves, they tell the child that its wrong to do like this. So the child develops the idea if he or she will play like this, then they are crazy or mad or freaks.”

With this I stopped speaking though I had a little more to say but I wanted to hear what my friends thought about all this. They all seemed so quite, lost in their thoughts and contemplating what I just said. Mandy spoke up, “Oh My God! Ana, such a fantastic girl you are and I am totally mesmerized by your childhood story,” and she gave me a hi five. “I totally agree with Mandy,” said Rachel, smiling warmly and taking my hand in hers and squeezed a little. “Ana you are still you, only your abilities have enhanced, making you such a big hearted and kind person. It is like you manifested your imagination in your personality which has made you a totally different person.” Kate said, with a pleasing smile and she was beaming with happiness. “Ana, don’t ever be ashamed of your childhood or your amazing imagination, it is a part of you. I don’t think you are mad or freak but the opposite, you are a genius and I agree with Kate, your imagination power made you a kind hearted person. You are not a jealous person nor a proud girl. You are beautiful from inside out,” said Alex, beaming with happiness and fascination. “You know Ana I’ve told you so many times, that I was a boy with lack of confidence, always keeping quite and still hungry for more knowledge and now I am stable. But you Ana, you are a fascinating girl because the way you have mold your personality very cleverly and its totally unique. Though we need to be practical in reality but we shouldn’t ignore our imaginary world, that’s what makes us more unique and human,” Ashton said, giving me a hi five. “Ana we totally adore you,” Felicia said. “Yes, totally and to us you are a perfect friend. I know I am the geek in our group but I learned today that its never too late to be yourself and we need to spend time with ourselves too. I will keep this all in mind. Thank you so much Ana for sharing your inner thoughts with us,” said Fiona, completing what Felicia said. They were both smiling a heart warming smile. “Ana you shared such personal details of your childhood with us, when mostly people keep details like this to themselves, never telling anyone. I am glad you shared and now I know that dream you saw was meant for you to remember your childhood memories which were in the back of your mind. Your dream was really unique and dreams are meant to be creative,” said Ian. “I already thought you are a special and kind hearted friend if mine but today I am proud of you. I know most parents confuse a child so much that the child is hard pressed to believe what their parents say and suppress their inner most desires. Parents want their child to be practical and the child tries to follow them because parents know better. But you followed your true inner voice Ana, just like you did in the dream. And i think that is why you are such a strong, positive and hopeful person who follows her dreams,” said Zeke, proudly.

“Zeke is right, a child should listen to his parents too but he or she should also ponder everything deeply. Given that parents know better but we don’t  have to suppress our inner voice and lose our imagination power, as a little child loves imaginations,” said Rachel. “Rachel, you are right, I think instead of stopping a child from suppressing his or her fantasy world, the parents should encourage it. In this way a child will learn to follow his or her dreams and that child can turn out to be a better person. Its not at all embarrassing to be crazy or weird. because that’s what I am and my mom always encouraged me with it. So yes Ana, I am proud of you too,” Mandy said, clapping with glee. “I love you Ana and I am proud of you too,” said Kate, giving me a hug. “We all love you Ana,” all of them said in unison. “Thank you guys, I love you all unconditionally. I just need to say one more thing, we all have imagination power and we all have that inner voice, the voice of our soul. Its not wrong to listen to that voice and its not wrong to talk to yourself or play in your imaginary world with your imaginary friends. As the child grows up he or she develops a sense of right and wrong in his or her own way, so we should let the child enjoy his or her childhood the way he or she wants. Our imaginations and fantasies are a part of ourselves and we can be practical according to the situation we face. So yes, be crazy weird and most of all be yourself.” We all went crazy after that, clapping and hooting. We forgot that we are in a public place and we did a group hug. God! I loved my friends so much. Suddenly we heard more clapping and hooting that was coming from the other people who were there in KFC. Then a girl spoke up, “Yes we all heard your conversation and you gave a wonderful message. Three cheers for them every one.” Everyone in KFC cheered hip hip hurray and all my friends including me, laughed and giggled and we gave each other a hi five. When everyone cooled down, we ordered our meals. I was feeling out of this world and my friends, well they all were still giggling, saying that we are great team. Yes, I was totally proud of us. Then we enjoyed a happy and peaceful dinner, while making plans to do something fun tomorrow as it was weekend  and yes our weekend started from Friday.


This short story comes to an end and I am thinking about writing its sequel too. This was my first short at writing a short story so feel free to comment and rate and let me know what do you think about it.

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