Soul Soothing Poem # 2



      Taking a walk down the road
                 At night time
     With a smile on your face
           Observing little things
     Like, the weather is pleasant
    The moon is moving with you
             And smiling at you
  The stars illuminating in the sky
   And giving you the positive vibes
     After observing all this deeply
               All you are left with
    Is the feeling of blissfulness
           Which lightens you up
               At the same time
         It fills you with energy
             You keep walking
As well as listening to some music
   Realizing that at in darkness too
                   You find light
           You yourself are light
Its just a matter of consciousness
       That in darkness too
          You lit up with light
         All you have to do is
  Listen to that voice of your soul
        And you will feel free

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