Soul Soothing Poem # 3



             Ever kept smiling?
       Just because you want to
     Just because you feel joyful
               Like a little child
   Ever laughed with your friends?
        Like you’ve all gone crazy
    Just talking about silly things
         And laughing out loud
                  Do try it all
              I sure did all this
        And I felt light hearted
  I felt like I want to smile all the time
     Like I want to laugh all the time
            I feel so much younger
            When I laugh and smile
         And yes, we all are young
        Because our soul is young
            Don’t you feel it ?
   Make your every moment special
               Laugh out loud
          And dont worry about
          What people will think
     Enjoy your craziest moments
       Because I sure as hell did
I create moments like these everyday
     Just keep laughing and smiling
    I am sure you will lit up with joy
There is nothing better than this
         Laughing and smiling
       Its the best thing to do
            In these moments
           You be yourselves
So never stop laughing and smiling

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