The Soul of a Girl


The following poem is about every teenage girl and the they face struggle through those years.

She is not a perfect person
She has made mistakes
She has flaws inside her
She sometimes trust wrong people

She is a girl full of compassion
She hates selfishness
Because she likes to be selfless
It is the way she is

She controls her selfishness
Selfishness in a negative way is terrible
It destroyes a person’s personality
And destroyes good friendships & relationships

She is the kind of person who sacrifices
Yes she has sacrificed alot
Sometimes she faces
An emotional breakdown

Feels like she is going out of control
Feels like maybe she is going crazy
Feels like there is alot inside her
She feels so alone
And wants someone beside her

There is pure magic inside her
That purifies her mostly
Call it inner motivation
Or a light of hope
That lightens her all over

She has this passion for writing
Sometimes that lightens her up
When she listens to music
It purifies her differently

She feels like singing to someone
Music is something
Which directly touches her soul

When she reads a novel
She deeply gets attached with the story
This provides a perfect distraction
It evokes more passion for reading
It evokes more passion for writing

She knows she is weird
But in her own unique way
Some mistakes that she made
She regrets it untill now

Mistakes are a part of this life
Struggles and experiences
They are also a part of life
She has learned alot uptill now

She finds a different kind of happiness
From helping people when they need it
Everyone of her friends
And her cousins are special to her

They are a gift from God to her
Because she has no siblings
She is lucky in her own way
So she is trying
To embrace life the way it is

No body is perfect in this world
And niether is she
This is what she is
A very passionate girl
And such a forgiving girl

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