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There is nothing like co-incidence
What i believe is
I came accross these movies
Because i attracted them towards me

My midterm exams of the semester just got over on thursday and I just wanted to relax on the weekend. I had made my mind to watch some movies, read novel and update my blog on the weekend because this is how i relax. I already had this movie called “Now you see me” in mind and then i got two more recommendations of movies that is, “Into the wild” and “lucy”.
In two days I watched these three movies and each movie i watch blew my mind away and left me speechless. I literally had no words to describe these movies. They were just mindblowing and filled with deep secrets . So here is the reason why i would strongly recommend you to watch these movies if you havent watched them uptill now.

Now you see me :
“A modern day magic movie filled with deep mysteries.”
That is what i would say about this movie. There are many people who say magic is not real and many say magic is real. Well this debate can go on forever. This movie is about four people who are magicians, each having different magic abilities. They are brought together by some mysterious person to complete a mission. They conduct grand magic shows and then the FBI is chasing after them because they robbed a bank in Europe in their magic show which was in Los angeles. The movie gets totally mysterious after this.
There was so much magic and crime plus this movie was a total thriller .
You should definitely watch this movie deeply because a deep secret is hidden in this movie. I definitely know that secret, its your turn to find out and then you will believe in magic.

Into the wild:
“Sometimes in life you don’t remember who you are, like literally because your life is ruled by people around you and you have to follow the rules. Then you feel like these material things don’t matter and you gotta find out who you are. At that point you have to go on an adventure all by yourself and leave everything behind, just so that you can be reborned.”
That is what i think about this movie. I know this movie is a little old as it was released in 2007, but this movie is a story of mostly every one of us who are young and feel like out of place. We feel like where do we belong ?
So are you ready for natural adventure with alex ? Yes natural adventure. Nature is something we all admire and love to explore. Nature soothes our soul . So in this movie Christopher a.k.a Alexander goes on an adventure leaving everything behind, his family, material things ge possessed like money. He left it all and went on an adventure to find himself.
So if you haven’t watched this movie uptill now then do watch it. Its really worth it.

“Have you tried to explore your mind other than your daily usage of mind ? Scientists say that we humans use only 5 or 10 percent of our brain capacity. What will happen if we just try to use more than 10 percent of our brain capacity ? Are you waiting for a miracle to happen ? Well something like that happened to lucy.
And then she started feeling everything around her. She was filled with such knowledge that she couldn’t even understand at first.”
This is how this movie blew my mind. Lucy is forced to deliever a case to someone called Mr. Jang by her boyfriend. After a lot of torture she is able to explain Mr. Jang that she doesn’t even know what is in that case. Mr. Jang forces her to open the case and in it some kind of blue-purple powder, seems like a drug. That bag of drug is then put inside her stomach. Then something weird happens when lucy is locked up in a cell. The blue-purple powder reacts inside her body, flowing in every part of her body and then suddenly she is aware of every sensation around her. She is powerful. She gets to know that blue purple powder is actually C.P.H 04. After this the movie gets so much more thrilling. It is filled with so much knowledge that all your confusions about human life will be cleared. In the end you will feel like we all can use our mind more than 10 percent and yes we can do it.
So get ready to be blown by knowledge from this movie .

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