The Watersong Series by Amanda Hocking


Water always called to her

Water was her peaceful place

She was the pure one

She was full of love and purity

But still she became part of the curse

Evil got stuck to her

Deep down she knew

That this is not like her

And then her fight begun

She knew water never holds any evil

She dug deeper

From where the curse started

Thousands of years ago

Because of just one mistake

Of those sisters

And one sister’s ignorance

Their mistake was that

They didn’t protect that girl

Which was their duty

They ignored and became careless

And that girl got killed

Just because of them

So they were cursed

And now its up to her

To figure it all out

To stand up to that evil

And fight for those she loves

And save them from being killed

And save herself from the curse

Because she was never like those girls

Because she holds the power of love

And the water is still magical

The water will still give her piece, always

The above poem is how i will describes these whole series. These Water Song series are spell-bounding, full of mystery and mythology and magical with the love of water. 

All the fun and mystery starts with Gemma Fisher becoming a siren. Though a siren changes into half fish when swimming into the ocean, we usually call it mermaid but that is not it. Gemma finds out that becoming a siren is actually a curse that was induced by Demeter, a God, thousands of years ago on Penn, Thea, Aggie and Gia because they failed to protect Demeter’s only daughter Persephone. Persephone was killed by another God after he raped her. Gemma was never an evil girl and she was just a normal teenager, now falling is love with the boy next door Alex. She believes their love is true and now she can’t be with him nor her sister and dad because if she doesn’t go with the sirens, she will eventually die.

Gemma’s world falls into a spiral of this curse and evil which she never asked for in the first place. Now all those whom she loves have fallen into it and Gemma will do anything to save them all. But first she has to fight this evil inside her that is growing day by day.

The journey of Gemma, Harper, Alex, and Daniel continues in these watersong series as they find a way to get rid of Penn, Thea and Lexi, the evil siren sisters. They have to find a way to break the curse and also save each other from the threat of these siren sisters. You will be surprised to find who is their ally.

Praise for the series:

When I started reading these series, I never thought I would fall so deep into them and i couldn’t stop reading and the magic of these novels was just so spell-bounding that i never wanted to come out of it. Such an intense, mythical and powerful these series are by Amanda hocking. You don’t want to miss it and you really gotta read it.

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