Sneak peak of a new story

Sneak peak of my new romance short story …
Kayla : ‘My life was pretty simple and so far so good but it took a drastic turn the moment i felt his deep thoughts and understood them. First he became my best friend and he was like no one else . What can i say he was out of this world and so perfect . Our love felt perfect and i was so deeply into it. Nick’s love for me knew no boundries and limits. He really was my perfect prince charming and if you really get to know him … you would totally see it all my way . So our story is nothing you have ever read about or heard . I could feel that love for me emnating through his words, i could see it in his eyes and i could see it in his smile and laugh. And when he stared at me, i felt his soul calling out to me and i felt so cherished by him. We could stare at each other for hours and hours but still wont get tired of it. He consumed me and got me carried away with his depth of love. I’d never thought love would feel like this . So yes our love was perfect and boundless and for me this is the real love . This is how it should be for everyone else.’

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