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This is the first review I am posting about a bollywood movie. This movie is really worth watching and i ought to write a review on it. I rarely watch bollywood movies. I watch comedy and conceptual movies of bollywood.

This movie ‘PK’ seemed like the best movie ever made.

Amir Khan has done such an amazing acting in this movie.
The movie starts with Amir Khan landing on earth in Rajasthan desert from the UFO, naked. But as I started watching ahead, I was loving every minute of the movie. In this movie Amir came came from another planet and on that planet there are humans but they live differently than the humans present on earth and Amir is sent on a mission to research about planet earth and its people. He doesn’t even know the language of these people because on his planet, they all don’t need to speak as they just hold hands and whatever the other person is thinking is transfered into the other’s mind.
So here on planet earth he is constantly searching for a person, whose hand he can hold and transfer all the information and language in his own mind. A tragedy happens when he lands in Rajasthan desert, a person steals his necklace which is a device to call that UFO to take him to his planet.

So this is his journey of finding this device of his, understanding the culture of this planet where everyone keeps telling him that God will help you in finding your device. He adopts every religion and tries to find God, because he needs his device to go home. He learns that people want money for everything. Then comes Anushka Sharma (Jaggu in this movie) who tries to find out Amir’s story and everybody calls him PK in the movie. First she thinks that he is mad, because he tells her that he is from another planet and tells her his journey uptill now, all the obstacles that he faced. Then eventually she believes him and promises him that she will help him find his device.
This movie is filled with so much comedy and fun, the way Amir asks questions about God, and why there is so much discrimination among people. He asks childish questions but they have a deep meaning in it and people are pushed to think about it more deeper and realize the truth. 
You can find a true meaning of love and friendship in this movie. Another deep lesson is that God is with you all along, you don’t need to find God outside of yourself because he is with you all along within you. This film also gives you the lesson of helping others in every situation.

I strongly recommend you to watch this and believe me you will laugh out loud. Also you will truly understand the deep concept of this movie when you will watch it.

5 out of 5 stars for this movie.
Enjoy watching it.

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