Unleashing my Romantic feelings #2


That deep love
Which is lost these days
The true meaning of love
Which has been forgotten
I want to feel that love again
Feel that feeling
Feel what he feels
That beauty of love
That love which is limitless
That forever kind f love
I can see it in his eyes
I can see it in his smile
The beauty thats within him
Oh how i crave
To tell him
That just how full of love he is
Those little moments
Cute little moments
When i can feel
His inner happiness
When we are together
I feel full of love
When i am around him
My eyes always searching for him
My heart and soul
Always reaching out to him
That right time will come
When we will feel it
Feel it all together
And i can imagine
That moment, its beyond words
To describe how it will be
For now i just want to keep feeling
And just share happiness with him
We are in this together
Soon we will be together
This beauty of love
I wana let it sparkle, always

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