Unleashing My Romantic Feelings #1


Sitting under the night sky with him

The stars shinning luminously

To stare at the stars

Its our favorite thing to do

Yeah, we could stare for hours

Into the sky and stars

Getting lost in its beauty

But when we are together like this

Its a moment of our deep connection

Holding his hand

He holds my hands like

He would never let go

I can feel it

That we are one forever

We both stare

Into each other’s eyes

I can feel the joy of our souls

The emergence of our souls

His eyes speak to me

I can see the love

He feels for me, in his eyes

Our infinite love

He then kisses my eyes

Strokes my cheeks

Now i am sitting on his lap

Just smiling at each other

I trace his lips

With my fingertips

He starts humming

Our favorite song

Listening to his beautiful voice

So intimately

It soothes my soul

My heart beats faster

And i feel peace

He brings his head

Close to my heart

And listens to my heartbeat

I blush, a deep red

He knows i am blushing

But keeps listening to my heart

And he starts talking

We then get lost

Into our deep talks

Its one of those talks

Where we talk about everything

And anything at all

He says

How perfect this moment is

I just smile

And then we are hugging

Holding on to each other

Making a promise silently

To stay connected like this

Soul deep

For how ever long we live

To always listen to each other

To never give up on each other

We promised like that silently

No need of words

Because we felt each other

He is so precious to me

Loves me so much

Cherishes me

So beautiful he is

From inside out

We complete each other

Now lying in his arms

I feel safe

I feel the oneness of our souls

I know he feels it too

This not the only precious moment of ours

There are thousands of moments like this

And those are yet to come

Together we make

The best of every moment.

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