Must Read Mangas


Recently i have realized, other than novels, these manga’s or we can say anime comics have gained so much popularity. When you actually start reading mangas, its like reading a graphic novel and you really get addicted to it once you start. I have started reading these mangas from quite some time and it really is totally addictive because there are so many genres in it too as well as the stories are so very unique and interesting. The anime characters are also quite intriguing.

I have come across three very addictive mangas with the best story line ever and they are : 1. Orange marmalade 2. Nineteen twenty-one 3. Death note. The first two mangas that i mentioned, they have the cutest and best romantic story line, that you will totally love it. The third manga i mentioned has the most thrilling and mysterious story line that you wont be able to stop reading it until its over. You can read these mangas on .

I strongly recommend you to give it a try and start reading mangas from the above mentioned must read mangas. You will never want to stop reading them once you start……

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