A Tribute to My Best Friend


A very happy birthday to my best friend, my soul sister and my friend forever (Alicia). She turned 20 today that is 6 April 2015.


I want to tell you that I love you limitless and unconditionally and though I express my love to you every day, its never enough. Because I will love you forever and even after that. Now all you people would be wondering why am I writing it here on my blog instead of wishing her directly? The reasons behind it are: 1. I couldn’t go to her house to surprise her, though i had a plan in mind but things didn’t work out. 2. I have written so many poems for her and she has them all, also she reads them frequently. 3. This time instead of writing a big status on facebook for her, i thought to do something unique. I have so many words pouring out of me that they wont fit into facebook status.

I want to announce to the world today that how much i cherish our friendship. We have been friends since 4 years and it feels like we have known each other forever. I first met you on the first day of college and we were sitting together. You looked so quite and innocent kind of girl and then i started talking to you. Then we introduced each other and from then on we were always together. In those two years of college every day spent with you and our two other best friends was so special and memorable. Our whole class was so much friendly and caring, those people were and are amazing. They supported us all along and we all ad the best time of our lives. We all became like a family. The way you used to tickle me, during class lecture i used to call your name and distract you, those bear hugs of yours that i still remember and miss it, every other day we used to buy that orange ice lolly, our dirty talks and jokes, being there for each other in heart breaking moments, cheering each other in the worst mood, messaging you every day to remind you about the homework because you forget a lot, endless gossiping, laughing so much that our stomach hurt and there are countless other things. The list goes on and on, we were and are the craziest people on earth who love each other furiously. Just few years ago we were teenagers and now we are adults but it still doesn’t seem like it because no matter what our age is, we are still going to be as crazy as ever.

I want to tell you that you are purest girl, the beautiful one, so pretty and gorgeous from inside out. I love your smile and with your smile you make me smile too. Our connection goes way deeper than normal because we are not normal at all. Because of this deep connection we can share any thing and every thing with each other. I have always supported you and have been there with you in every situation and i will continue to do so always. Even after college ended, I couldn’t stand to be without talking to you, and from then on we have been in touch always sharing everything. It feels like you are a part of me and i, yours. We are actually the opposites of each other in so many ways. You love to sleep, you love eating, you are lazy, you are a quite person but once you are comfortable with someone then you show your true self, you like to think a lot when you are alone, you did not like reading at all but now when you actually read a book, you now love reading as well. I like to sleep too but limited, i like eating too but limited, i am not lazy but extra energetic, reading is like breathing to me and now you get that too, i am not a quite person and i talk to everyone, i do love to think but in a totally different way, i love to write because this is how i express myself. The common thing in us is that we love to watch movies especially horror movies.

I am so thankful to good, to have you as my best friend forever. No matter how much i write for you, it will never be enough and there are no words to describe the depth of our friendship. We can only feel it, when we feel this depth of our friendship it leaves us with a peaceful feeling. This post is specially for you and the world will be reading it. I want to give this message to all those people out there, that friendship is not materialistic, its a deep bond between people and a connection between souls. Its just about feeling this deep bond and be there for each other always. To some people this may seem like an exaggeration on social media but for me this is a tribute to my best friend, who means the world to me. This is my way of making her feel special because this is her day. Hey best friend i hope you like this post because all that i wrote came from my heart and soul. I hope all your dreams come true and you find all the happiness and also true inner happiness. I also hope that soon we can go to a world tour together and live the best days of our lives together because this is my promise to you that i will take you on a world tour one day soon. You really are stuck with me forever and i with you. I know you probably want to spend the rest of your life with me… hahaha :p. Once again a very happy birthday to you my best friend and soul sister. Keep smiling always and yes we will meet soon. I am dying to give you a long, tight hug.

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