Do you ever wonder……….?


Sometimes my mind just wonders, so many thoughts come flooding in my mind and I start thinking deeply and its like I am falling into the sea of thoughts. All the questions of the world come in my mind and I feel shocked that there is so much we need to ponder on but we are lost in our daily lives to just give it a thought. Many of us may ask these questions or feel these feelings but can’t voice it out or express because maybe people around us won’t get it or say this is foolish. Let me tell you our minds can think limitless thoughts, its us who put boundaries in our thinking. So now I am letting my thoughts flow into words and sharing with you all because when you read it, you start giving it all a thought.

Universe: Have you ever wondered that there maybe a millions or infinite planets in the galaxy? Maybe Earth is not the only planet in this infinite galaxy which holds life forms? Maybe there are more earth like planets in the galaxy which we don’t even know about yet and there maybe humans on these other earth like planets out there. Maybe the humans or any other life form on earth like planets in the galaxy are more evolved than us in every way. I think sometimes we all wonder about these things because anything is possible and maybe what we wonder can really be true. I know I am making assumptions here but tell me why do you need the proved things? why can’t you just wonder about it? Just think and you will get the answer from inside you because I believe we can get all the answers in the world just from inside us if we just focus deeply.

This world: I sometimes keep thinking…. why have we divided the world into continents? Well then I get the answer that just to give it names so that people can identify it. Then another question pops up into my mind. Why then have we created these boundaries around every country? Who even thought of this? to divide the countries of the world? Why can’t the world be one place? Free to come and go into every country. No passports or identification because in the end they are just piece of paper that we waste. With this comes more and more questions. Why do we even need money? When we can share all the resources. Why fight with other countries? When we can all just be friendly and share everything. Apparently humans have created these classes in the society called upper, middle and lower class and because of that poverty increased in many underdeveloped countries. If we just share everything without fear of each other then there will be no need of divisions.

Our education systems around the world are so different and so costly, but why? Education should be free for everyone around the world. And just why we call it education? Knowledge sharing should be free, freedom of learning and exploring anything we want. Why is this so hard to implement. In schools they just teach subjects not humanity.

People and Feelings: Here is the most important question….Why is there so much discrimination in the world? We are HUMANS… aren’t we? No matter what our religion, color, cast, race….. we are all humans firstly. Why do we kill each other like that? Why can’t we just love each other? Why do we have to judge each other? When every one of us is equal though we are unique in our own way but still we share humanity. Isn’t that enough to love each other? There are these illusions we have created in our minds… is worldly and materialistic, love causes pain, love comes with conditions, its a partnership and so on… Okay just stop. We have all forgotten what actually love is. Love is a feeling that deep and beautiful which is meant to be felt and it is unconditional and limitless. We are the ones who have made it materialistic and conditional because we have created boundaries in our mind. Love is way beyond our minds, to really feel and understand it you have to break the boundaries of your mind and let it all go what you believe. Start again and be out your mind and if you don’t understand this then read books that holds this vast knowledge. Feelings like pain, heartbreak, sorrow, sadness, jealousy and every negative feelings are an illusion that we have created because we all think there is an opposite of everything. Come out of this illusion and question everything.

I am not here to criticize anything. I am just trying to raise questions that haunt my mind and i wanted to share it all with you people. This is still not enough because I have thousands more question but for now this is enough to let you wonder about it. I hope my words made you feel it all that I feel. One day actually we will see the world changing and loving every single human being. Hoping that these killings and fighting will stop. There is really no harm in keeping hope and being positive because both are really strong feelings that can change the course of events. 

7 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder……….?”

  1. Nargis,
    I really like your thinking… But you’re questions are not that easy to answer. Some are fair and some misjudged arguments. We must never forget that all the things you believe should have been in the world in general, were a part of our human history. When knowledge was shared just for the sake of learning and when no coin was a part of currency, or when earth didn’t had this many boundaries. And then we all know what follwed. Wars, fights, Riots, murder of peace. There is only one answer of why the world didn’t remain with the same costoms. Its because whatever we do, how much our ancestors try to keep the world going, it all comes to this: We, humans are selfish, greedy and creatures of hate. We never learn our lesson no mater what our history stays a witness of. We are power Hungary and no matter in what way we create new norms to bring peace, the truth is that our generations will always find a way around it. And then, some of us would stand and ask the questions just as you are asking. I don’t know what we can do to change it, our efforts our temporary. We can only let it go on the way it does: Mistake, realization, revolution and then again mistake.

    • In answer to your reply, I would just say that this is why i shared all this to make people think on this and make them feel. I cant let it go. I will always ask this question and do anything in my power to bring evolution in this world. If we just sit and keep thinking and let it go, then this is not my thing. i have this power of writing and through this i will make people think and feel. I will not let go of hope and will keep doing my part no matter what.

      • Yes, by letting it go on, I mean to keep on trying, keep on changing. In every time, their would be someone wise as you who’d begin the evolution everytime the world gets too ahead in its self destruction. But that’s all we’re capable of, no attempt of ours would keep the world in peace forever. Only temporary.

        • If you think that way, that its temporary then thats not it. Anything is possible, so for a change try and be positive and keep and someday there will come a permanent evolution the way we want. Think beyond your mind …

  2. I believe on a quote I’ve heard many times and don’t know to whom it belongs. But I believe “History tends to repeat itself.” And of the various events my life has witness, it seems pretty considerable. That’s all 😉


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