Dancing is my Infinity

Was I limited to this body, I was born in? The intellect I so graciously possessed, Was it limited too?   Why these boundaries? They tried to set… The extremeties they believed in Why why why   The orthodox I was born into It tried to set those perimeters Tried to confine me Yet yet … Read more Dancing is my Infinity

Dear Diary: My demons

Looking back into time When I was that timid little girl Scared of this world That time when others opinions still mattered¬† to me   That time when my past haunted me Those depression filled days Too many thoughts attacked me Too many nights, I cried to myself   Tried so much to distract myself … Read more Dear Diary: My demons

Do you ever wonder……….?

Sometimes my mind just wonders,¬†so many thoughts come flooding in my mind and I start thinking deeply and its like I am falling into the sea of thoughts. All the questions of the world come in my mind and I feel shocked that there is so much we need to ponder on but we are … Read more Do you ever wonder……….?