When I feel I Write


People often ask me a lot
How can just keep on reading books
Well now i am going to answer this question
The answer to this question is too broad and deep
But here it goes
First of all how can i not love books?
How can i not keep reading them
Because books and stories
They carry pieces of me with them
When i see my reading list
Its way too long
Its never ending
And they have so much more
That i have yet to learn
They have so much
That i have yet to feel and to remember
They have so much magic
So much love and countless feelings
That i still don’t have
Again i would emphasize
Books have pieces of me with them
Last night when i finished another book
I realized a part of me got restored
It touched my soul too deeply
And all i felt was joy and love
Today when i finished yet another novel
Finally 300th novel
I felt like got to live life
All over again
Because that novel was life
Its called slammed by colleen hoover
Its one of the best ever….
Readers ought to read this one….
My answer does not end here
There is a lot more, stay tunned

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