Soul Mirror By Jessica Tumminello


Book Name: Soul Mirror

Author: Jessica Tumminello

Genre: Shortstory, Magic, YounAdult


“April has been smart enough to fool a lot of smart people. Her life might not be perfect but she knows what she wants and how to get it, even if it means profiting at other people’s expense -that is, until she inherits a mystical box, that unleashes the truth about her soul. With the truth comes a question, and a promise. Can April face her true nature and change the outcome?”

My Views:

This short story was an epitome of deep revelations and emotions that every youngster feels. Every story has a hidden message in it that a reader is supposed to discover. Some people discover it and some are don’t but unconsciously we discover a whole lot of secrets behind a story. I truly believe this thing. So the thing that deeply captured me in this book was how April found out who she is deep inside. The mirror certainly helped her though she saw it as an object which affected her life badly. We all go through certain incidents in life that are so traumatic that shake us to our core and we somehow bury it inside us and try to move on, we become a different person that we weren’t before. Just to escape our past we stop caring and stop feeling the deep emotions. We stop being ourselves. We are not ugly, never were, its just our outer self that becomes that way and when we actually realize it deeply, we get to know that our souls were always and will always be beautiful. Its just a matter of realizing who we actually are and be ourselves, not become a totally other person that we are not.

I believe this story is the best goodread for young adults who constantly try to find who they are and what actually are they going through. With a touch of this magic mirror the author has hidden a message into the this story for the readers to find out. I totally understood the message in my way, and as for the others who will read it, they will find out their own message.

My ratings: 4.5/5

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