Love Is Not Ugly


As a Book lover, every book I have read up till now, never disappointed me. I love every book I read. But today, the book I finished made me really angry and disappointed me too much. Its not just because of this book that I am writing this blog. It is because I want to convey the true and deep meaning of love to the world.

I think people in recent times have a really wrong perception of love. The true and deep meaning that I have come to understand about love is that it is unconditional. Love does not have any conditions or boundaries. We ourselves attach conditions in love and then create boundaries in love. In this way we make love more difficult and then we imply that love is ugly or love hurts every time.

The main problem is that, we try to find love in the outside world, without first loving ourselves or embracing our true selves. Let me tell you this is all true because I have been through it myself. Few years ago I did not knew my true self, I underestimated myself a lot. I literally took others opinion of me seriously, like if they think I am good or beautiful or cute, I used to feel happy. If I used to hear bad things about myself or people told me here you were wrong, I took it too seriously. I used to think I am full of flaw and used to spend so many hours on self loathing myself. I used to feel intense pain, I used to feel so lonely and that I am not capable of love.

All this negativity was not helping at all. But when I read few deep spiritual books, then I found myself having a whole new perception about love. I stopped being negative about myself and just embraced myself for who I am. By bringing the new change in myself, I started loving freely and unconditionally. I would say that I felt human again. Reading books brought a whole new light inside me. So when you truly feel love pouring out from you, you will get to know that we ourselves are love and are capable of loving freely.

Love does not hurt, its our thinking and perception that love hurts, so then we feel heartbroken. There is this trend going on that when a teenager turns 16, he or she has to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Why do you need a boy or a girl to love at this early age when you don’t even know the true meaning of love. It is also that the adults themselves have forgotten the true meaning of love because of that the teenagers just adapt the trend without the true understanding. This unconditional love should be practiced first, if people won’t see this kind of love being depicted in real life, they won’t truly understand it. That is what I have started doing, to change the perceptions of people around me, I first applied this on myself. I changed  my thought processes, started writing poems and showed my friends through my actions that who I am truly.

Love does not hurt, love is not ugly, love is not just about finding that right guy or girl for yourself. This love is in all aspects of our lives, in friendship, in our blood relations and many more. Love is embracing humanity and caring for each other no matter the religion, cast, color, creed or country. Love is accepting the other person for what he is and forgiving him or her no matter what. And we can forgive anyone or anything that happened with us, its just we have to try and think how free we will feel after forgiving. Who are we to judge the other person. Love is seeing the true beauty of every person and making them realize how beautiful they are no matter what. Inner beauty matters the most, only if people really start understanding this, all the confusions will be cleared and other perceptions will change soon enough. People should not jump into relationships just like that. First try to be friends, try to know each other and understand each other and love unconditionally and limitless.

Soon I will come up with more topics like this so that I can discuss more deeply.

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