The Whispering Voice


One night

Out of no where

She heard a whisper

The whispering voice

Was so melodious

Even when it just uttered

The words of encouragement

Suddenly this whispering voice

Started singing a lullaby

And lulled her to sleep

This became the routine every night

Recalling the past events of night

Every morning

Thinking it was just a dream

She didn’t question in the beginning

From where, this voice came from?

Who does the voice belong to?

But then the whispering voice

Started talking to her

She wasn’t scared at all

She loved the whispering voice

Getting lost into heated discussions

Long discussions

With the whispering voice

Even though there was no one in her room

But the whispering voice existed

Or was she just imagining it all

No matter what her mind told her

Her soul believed the voice was real

If there was any way

To hear a voice

Heart to heart, soul to soul

Then this whispering voice

Somehow reached to her

The soul, mind and heart of this voice

Got connected to hers

The dream she dreamt, that night

Gave her all the answers

In the dream

She was in the world of whispering voices

Feeling and seeing so many voices

Whispering to each other

She kept moving through the voices

The whispering world was soul soothing

A light figure appeared in front of her

She knew it was a soul

This world was filled with souls

She felt instant connection

With this soul

Was this soul her “whispering voice?”

He came closer

Started whispering a lullaby

Oh! This melodious voice

She could recognize anywhere

This was her whispering voice

Both their heads touching now

Her mind was filled with images

This soul showed her everything

Who he was?

How did he whisper to her at night?

Just like that the dream was over

She woke up, the sun was coming up

Staring at the sunrise

Suddenly she heard the whispering voice

He was singing

She started singing with the voice

Their voices merging as one

Creating a unique voice together

Oh! His melodious voice

His whispers

His lullaby that he sang to her

Their souls were meant to meet

She felt his presence near by

Looked out the window

There he was standing

With a guitar

She ran down the stairs

To meet the whispering voice

His soul had already met her in the dream

His arms were open for her

She sprang herself into his arms

He kept whispering the lullaby

In that moment

Both felt their souls wove into one

And then he played the guitar

Started singing

In his oh! So melodious voice

His whispering voice

The voice that soothes her soul

She started singing with him

Losing herself in that moment

The whispering voice

His whispering voice

Their mind, body and souls

Were now one, forever

They both never stopped singing

Never stopped whispering

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