Dear Diary: Solitude is Heaven


Solitude is heaven

How is it heaven?

Let me tell you

When you spend time with yourself

Lost in deep thoughts

You say “Scary thoughts come in my mind”

You say “Loneliness makes me feel worse”

These are your thinking

Did you know?

You can manipulate your thoughts

Into something new and exciting

That is when solitude is heaven

When you try to manipulate your thinking

When you start thinking in a new way

Solitude is heaven

When your mind is free

When you mind is boundless

Your thinking and perceptions

Are out of the box

Solitude is heaven

When its just you

And your favorite things to do

Dancing, singing, reading,

Writing, sketching, Listening to music

Making music, walking, running, riding bike

Hiking, alone with nature

And many more…….

In your solitude

You find your true self

You feel beautiful

You go deep in your mind

You come out to be someone new

You lose track of time

You lose sight of the world

You create your own boundless world

You live in it, feel it, breath it

Solitude is heaven

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