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Hello people of Earth!

First of all I would like to say sorry because I have been away from blogging for few months and really that is a long time for me and I totally regret not updating my blog. I really love to write blogs and can’t stop blogging ever.

I had a reason for being away for so long and that is my studies. Well this semester was too hectic and honestly, I did not study so much as I kept reading novels. I am literally a book addict and I can’t stand a single day without reading novels. So the only time i studied was one night before every exam and I don’t know how I managed this but I just did and I did work hard for the term projects. Now I am positive I will be getting good grades but really I don’t care about the grades and I am against all this grading system.

So well you could say that I got lost in my book world and then there was lots going on around me that I could not keep up with every thing. So all in all I was lost in my own world of thoughts and finding myself again. Though I did write little poems now and then that I will be sharing here on my blog.

Now I am back and I will try and keep my blog up to date and honestly I have a lot to write. Thank you for following my blog and reading the posts you liked, I hope that my words touched you. Oh! I totally forgot, happy new to every one and I promise that I will improve my blogging and win your hearts and souls by my deep, influential and inspiring words.

Bye for now 🙂

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