The Gift of the Quoxxel by Richard Titus


Goodreads Synopsis:

King Norr was not content. He longed to know the world beyond his tiny, island
kingdom of Nibb. The Nibbians, however, were not a seafaring people and had no desire to travel elsewhere. Why bother, they said. What could be as perfect as Nibb?

Even so, Norr watched foreign ships come and go. They approached, hesitated, then sailed away without ever coming ashore. Why was that?

And that wasn’t the only mystery.

Who was the prankster who had set the palace afloat?

Was there a sea monster skulking the waters along shore?

Who was the little girl who sang but would not speak?

Had the Minister of Science been eaten by migrating drumbkins?

This was not the average Nibbian day. King Norr was unprepared and only hoped to get through it with as few “haddocks” as possible.

Set sail on this armchair adventure of wit and riddle. It’s an imaginative voyage to
the Isle of Nibb whose only flaw is being a little too perfect — or, at least, it was
until today.

My Review:

Firstly, thank you to the author for providing me the e-copy of his book.

When I read the plot of this book, the story seemed so exciting and unique. No doubt that the story and the characters were unique.

So when I started reading the book, I was having a hard time in understanding what is actually happening. Also, I was having a hard time in understanding the characters.

I really enjoyed the dialogues between the characters. The dialogues were funny, sarcastic and very light hearted. Pearl and Yill became my favorite characters.
The illustrations in this book were very different and vibrant and unique, so I enjoyed the illustrations as well.

Overall, the story did not lived up to my expectations. But it was a fun and light hearted read, indeed. 

My Ratings:


3.5/5 stars.

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