Invisible Ties by Nadya A.R.



Goodreads Synopsis:

As Karachi burned in the 1990s, the painfully shy Noor Kamal found refuge in an antique jade mirror stolen from Daisy, her social butterfly mother. One fateful day, the violence hits home as a motley crew of burglars storm the Kamal residence, killing Joseph, the faithful driver who tried to shield Noor and kidnapping Daisy in the process.
Traumatized by the turn of events and succumbing to familial pressure, Noor reluctantly agrees to start life afresh in Singapore as the wife of Meekaal Kalim, an investment banker. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Noor finds succour in studying psychotherapy.

Her attempt to heal others brings her close to Ella, her neighbour and Jake, a handsome American who is struggling to deal with his emotional breakdown. As she tries to exorcise ghosts from the past and break free from the shackles, where will Noor’s longing for love take her? Would she be able to liberate herself from her strong cultural values and ties?
A saga of love and trials, against a rich contrasting background, Invisible Ties is sure to appeal to the readers.

My Review:

I believe when life throws difficulties on you, you do fall apart but don’t stop fighting. Step out of the box, out of the boundaries of society and relationships that bind you. Fight back, try hard and fly away like free bird. Explore the world. Nothing is impossible, if only you dare to dream. ~N.K.~ 

I won this book in a giveaway conducted by the author herself. Thank you so much for sending me the signed copy of your book. It was such an honour. As I promised to give you my honest review of your book. So here it is.

I was so excited to read this book and when I started reading it, I felt such a thrill because of the mysterious beginning of the story. But as I kept reading on, I felt a little disappointed because I was having a hard time in connecting with the characters and the story itself. I felt the dialogues between the characters were sort of incomplete. Also, I felt like so many scenes were left incomplete and I had a hard time in connecting the dots of the story.
It may be because, I read a book about our society and culture after a long time but still. Although, I did feel sorrow for Noor, whatever she went through in her life. She kept fighting her demons and she was a strong woman, trying to find her true place in the world. I did relate to it.

I appreciate the author a lot for writing about the evils of our society by addressing the issue of an arranged marriage and the struggles of a woman stuck in a loveless marriage with her past demons; how a woman has to survive with all this in an unknown and foreign country.

I think without too many fancy words and using the history of Mughal empire as a metaphor, I would have connected with this book deeply.

I still believe the author did an amazing job in writing this book because this kind of story takes a lot of courage and hard work to write.

I gave my opinions and views on this book as an honest reviewer. Because I believe in sticking to my ethics as a book reviewer. Thank you again to the author for sending me this signed copy.

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