How to Channel Good Vibes Around You


“Your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, remember to remember.”
― Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

“Your thoughts become things!

― Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

The above mentioned quotes are very meaningful and deep quotes from the book “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne”. Those of you who are avid readers may have heard or read this book. Its actually a series consisting of three books. But I won’t be discussing about this book in this post. I will actually share a few of my personal experiences as examples to advise you on channeling good vibes.

As we all know, life is not perfect but nothing is impossible in life. If you can dream it, you can do it. My life was filled with many problems since I was a kid. I observed more than other kids around me. I always felt too different from typical girls, obviously most were my friends too. I was a good listener too, so my friends shared so many of their personal problems with me. I loved to help those around me and spread love and happiness whenever I could. I was called a happy go lucky person most of the times because I was usually very energetic, smiling and laughing most of the time and I guess overall I radiated good vibes and still do. Now when I look back to my life, this was the main reason I attracted people around me.

Meanwhile, there were always some kind of problems and hurdles going on in my life. Like family problems, me being an average student, lack of focus in studies, financial problems, trying to figure my own identity and other small hurdles. Though I did whine and complain about my problems, but mostly I did it to myself in the solitude, to others? Not too much. The complaining period lasted on for a short time. That light of hope always burned brightly within me.

I went through this self loathing period in my life. Believe me, self loathing is very destructive and I did go through a kind of depression because of that self loathing. But I did come out of it. It took a lot of self reflection, on my part. Achieving a kind of piece of mind and trying to be in that happy place took time. I went through a huge process of change.

Now you must be thinking, how to actually channel good vibes? Read the quotes, I mentioned in the beginning, very carefully. Those quotes say it all. All the power is in your mind and thoughts. I actually learned to manipulate my thoughts into positive ones at the time of crisis. Reading, self help, spiritual and thought provoking books helped me a lot in getting to this peaceful place in my mind, where I am today.


In order to channel good vibes, your positive and energetic thoughts needs to be in sync with your actions. Remember your continuous negativity or negative emotions can be destructive. Also, when you are thinking positively about something make sure your actions are in sync.

Here is an example: Since last year, I was facing hurdles in finding a job and I continuously kept struggling for it. Although, at times I got depressed but I did not stop being optimistic. I kept applying for jobs. I got a 3 months contract based job in April and in August I finally found a job which I was satisfied with.

So you see, my actions were in sync with my positive thoughts. I was able to channel good vibes around me. Here is another example: I started my proper book blogging account on instagram this year. So, when I started entering in book giveaways, suddenly I won one and then I kept winning the giveaways. I think I won maybe 6 or 7 giveaways up till now. I won because I kept thinking about winning them and I kept entering giveaways. Again, my thoughts and actions were in sync here.

So, you see, at first it is very hard to channel the good vibes around you. But once you train your mind and thoughts, you can actually do it. You need a lot of patience for this, because failures will come on the way. Because they are a part of our lives. You need to be strong and just never lose hope.

In my opinion, this is all about practice and applying it in your daily life. I guess, I have been doing this since my childhood, without even knowing it. Also, when you start applying this in your life, you actually attract all the good things around you. Its like the world is giving back to you. You will attract people towards you wherever you go.

Remember that life is never easy and straightforward. Problems and hurdles will always be there. But after that good days come too. You need to have hope and strength to fight it and get through it all the while being optimistic and positive.

There is still a lot that I want to say regarding the good vibes, but blog posts are supposed to be limited. If you have any questions regarding this? Or if you need any advice. You can simply leave a comment or reach me on instagram and twitter (@n.k_literarynerd, @nikkiglow20).





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