Saved by the Page by J.D. Netto


Book: Saved by the Page

Author: J.D. Netto and other various authors

Genre: Contemporary

A huge thanks to J.D. Netto who provided me and many other reviewers with this anthology of 45 stories by various authors. This book is a masterpiece and I feel honoured to read and review it.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Do you remember the last time a book changed your life?

Maybe you had just lost a loved one? Or an unexpected turn of events had left you overwhelmed? No matter the reason, the book you’re thinking about right now changed the course of your life in a way you can’t put into words.

But these people have.

Saved by the Page is an anthology written by readers for readers about the life-changing power of books and the impact they have on us. Profound, thought-provoking, personal, and heart-wrenching, these forty-five stories are giving a voice to people all around the world.

Get ready to crack the spine and flip through the pages of this whirlwind anthology as readers take you on their journey. 

They’ve been all been saved by a page, and hopefully this one will save you too.

My Review and thoughts:

From the introduction of this anthology by J.D Netto till the last story, I felt deeply captivated. At one point, I started feeling so surreal, it was like I went through each of the lives of every author who was telling his/her story. Because I could feel all their emotions while reading their personal stories. I found reflecting myself in each of those stories.

Reading about how books saved these people in so many different ways. These stories were so very personal to them, yet they had such a courage to share their stories with the world. Not only these beautiful readers + authors shared their stories with the world, but all readers out there express their stories about how books save them, in their own unique ways.

The world should know, about how books and story world saves a person from their doom and brings a kind of hope and light which you cannot get from anywhere but books. Books and stories are our salvation, they heal us from the most deepest heartbreakes, makes us strong when we feel the lowest and weakest, makes you believe in love and forgiveness, gives you the courage to live life and fight your own battles, brings you back from depression and restores your mental health.

From these stories and my own experience with reading so many different books, books become our best friends and they are a source of a deep connection with our fellow readers. We all have lived thousand lives, and we are reborn in another realm, face another life and battle.

Each book was a person, the pages filled with accounts of their every triumph and turmoil—hidden secrets, dreams, untold desires. Every period carried a purpose, every comma a breath. I used to tell myself that someday, someone would pick up my life’s book, read it, and learn from it. The more I ran toward the written word, the more I recognized the truth in my imaginings.

After reading this anthology, I gained the courage to share my own little story with you all. Living in a small country like Pakistan, being from a middle class family, I was still privileged to study in an English medium Christian school. So naturally, the habit of reading was instilled in me since I was a kid. Novels started in our english course from I think 3rd or 4th grade and I used to finish reading even before we were scheduled to finish.

I somehow made friends easily since I was a kid and I was mostly a happy go lucky girl and still am. Stories kept me sane, contended and my mind was filled with thousands of imaginary worlds and friends. I was an only child and loved my solitude. I used to borrow horror books from the library and enjoyed every one of them. Yeah! I was a horror freak and still am.

My teenage years were so rebelious, weird, full of all emotions and then I dealt with depression and self hate too in those years. Because so much happened with me and it took 4 to 5 years to work on myself and reinvent myself into a whole new me but still be the real me. Books played a very important role in those years. Because thats when i discovered different genres of books and craved for something new to read. I never comprehended that I would actually become a blogger. But becoming a blogger, was the best decision I made and I hope to become a poet and an author soon.

I had a big dream of travelling the world which I am trying to fulfil and I know I will conquer all my dreams.

So If you haven’t started reading yet, then I suggest you pick up a book this instant and dive into the magical world of stories. Believe me, your whole life will change. Books are the reason why i am filled with si much energy and unlimited hope and love that I want to keep spreading with my writing.




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