They Called me Wyatt by Natasha Tynes

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Book: They Called e Wyatt
Author: Natasha Tynes
Genre: Fiction/Adult/Mystery/Contemporary
Release date: 11th June 2019
E-Book provided by the author for review.

Goodreads Synopsis:

When Jordanian student Siwar Salaiha is murdered on her birthday in College Park, Maryland, her consciousness survives, finding refuge in the body of a Seattle baby boy. Stuck in this speech delayed three-year old body, Siwar tries but fails to communicate with Wyatt’s parents, instead she focuses on solving the mystery behind her murder. Eventually, her consciousness goes into a dormant state after Wyatt undergoes a major medical procedure.

Fast-forward twenty-two years. Wyatt is a well-adjusted young man with an affinity towards the Middle East and a fear of heights. While working on his graduate degree in Middle Eastern studies, Wyatt learns about Siwar’s death, which occurred twenty-five years ago. For reasons he can’t explain, he grows obsessed with Siwar and spends months investigating her death, which police at the time erroneously ruled as suicide. His investigation forces him to open a door he has kept shut all his life, a spiritual connection to an unknown entity that he frequently refused to acknowledge. His leads take him to Amman, Jordan where after talking to her friends and family members and through his special connection with the deceased, he discovers a clue that unravels the mystery of her death. Will Siwar get justice after all?

My Review:

Dying was not the worst part. It was what came after dying. I was 25 when I died. 

First of all thank you so much to author Natasha Tynes for providing me this ARC to read and give my honest reviews.

During various stages in our lives, there is this recurring thought, “What happens after we die?”

And this story was based on the same question that nags us all our life. That is not all, the best part was that the author portrayed both the western and middle eastern cultures in depth through this story.

Siwar, the main character of this book had a very rebellious nature since her teenage years. Her rebellious nature reminded me of my teenage days. Siwar’s dreams of going abroad to study also reminded of my dream to travel outside my country. But Siwar’s story is so different. At some point in this story, I felt so angry at Siwar because she dated so many guys since her teenage. I know I know it was her life and I shouldn’t judge but still I felt a little uneasy. She should have focused more on her dreams which she did but still…..

Enter Wyatt, who is born on the day Siwar dies…what????
Siwar’s consciousness transfers into Wyatt… now that is something mind boggling …

I loved how the author kept a balance between both Siwar’s and Wyatt’s life stories. The mystery kept building up though. Although, I felt that the story got a bit slow paced at some point but oh well!! I too read it slowly.
This book is really something though… the plot was so unique. I got to learn about Jordanian culture, which I never knew about. Although, the middle eastern and my country, Pakistan’s culture is a bit similar but never knew in depth about Jordan. 

Overall, I loved the mystery created by the author and the whole plot was just so captivating. I sighed with relief when finally the mystery was solved. 

You guys should definitely read this book when it’s released. 

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