Archibald Finch & the Lost Witches by Michel Guyon

Book Name: Archibald Finch and the lost witches
Author: Michel Guyon
Genre: Mystery/Fiction/Middle grade/Fantasy
Publication date: 18th October 2018
Borrowed this review copy from my bookish best friend.

Goodreads Synopsis:

What happened 500 years ago was never supposed to resurface.
Exploring his Grandma’s scary manor, Archibald stumbles upon a dark family secret, linked to a time of great fears and superstitions. Key to that mystery: an ancient terrestrial globe, populated by the most fantastic creatures.
When he unlocks the storm inside by accident, the risk-averse boy gets whisked into the underworld of Lemurea, where a battle started in the Middle Ages has yet to be settled. Down here, it’s light versus darkness, magic versus fire, witches versus dragons. But not any kind of witches —an army of young girls, with the most magical weapons. And not any kind of dragons —Marodors, enigmatic monsters, part beast, part human, which will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about dragons.
While Archibald is thrust into an amazing adventure that will test his survival skills, on the flip side of the Earth, his sister Hailee faces her own challenges. Seeking to solve Archibald’s disappearance, she uncovers the grim plans of a dark priest.
Two breathtaking stories, running parallel with one another, but tightly intertwined. Two worlds, on a dangerous collision course…

The first installment in a phenomenal series, The Lost Witches reads like an addicting thriller —and sets the stage for more adventures to come for Archibald Finch. 

My Review:

When my bookish best friend received the review copy of this book, I was instantly obsessed with it. Then later on I told her I really, really want to read it. Obviously, she had read the book till then. She told me that she will let me borrow it to read. FINALLY, I got the book from her and I was just so so happy and excited to start reading it. 

FLASH forward to 3 days ago, when I finished the book Omg!

Michael Guyon wrote a master piece, literally. I mean where should I begin? This book was everything and more. You know the best part? The illustrations killed it like Woah! 
There was magic (golems & runes), the connection of history with fiction, a teleportation device to travel to an elseworld and so much more. 
Don’t even get me started on the characters, world building and plot twist. Because Omg!! All of these were just outstandingly written and created. 
Obviously, Archibald was my favorite character and then there was this girl Faerydae, gosh I loved her character development so much. And then there were Oliver and Hailee. I loved how they tried to solve the mystery of that globe.

“Holy Bejabbles! This is just like the castles in my History book!” exclaims Archibald. “Did you build this?” he asks, astounded and excited. “No, it was here when we arrived,” says Faerydae, “we used it to protect ourselves from Marodors.” “Not quite the fairytale castle I expected, that’s for sure.” “Don’t tell me you believe in fairytales!” says Faerydae, amused. “Cause this is no fairytale. It’s the real thing!”

Also, the part where these children outsmart those adult characters who were chasing them was hilarious. This book gives the best message to both children and adults alike. Learning is a never ending process. You can make the impossible happen and that you are all smart in your own ways. This book literally boosted my confidence. 

Thank you, thank you Michael for writing such an extra ordinary book which made me laugh, took me on an amazing adventure and introducing me to those horrifying marodors who can actually be saved. 
I can’t wait for the second Book. You guys, please go get this book and read. You will love it so much.

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