Sense Me by Annum Salman

Book Name: Sense me
Author: Annum Salman
Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: 10th January 2019
Review copy sent by the author.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Hold this book in your hand, touch its cover, read the lines with your eyes, taste the words on your lips, experience the silence between the noise, and smell the nostalgia in this present. Let the pieces of one world help complete yours. Sense Me allows the reader to make a journey into the unknown to explore their own senses and emotions to grasp the familiarities and unfamiliarities of the world around. Sense Me is about feeling love, loss, happiness, anxiety, healing, and fear through self, family, and loved ones.

Sense Me is the debut poetry book by Annum Salman who is a spoken-word poet from Pakistan, currently residing in the UK. In this book, she shares her experiences being a woman, a daughter, and a foreigner undergoing mental-health issues, sexism, and racism.

My Review:

Maybe this isn’t the destination. Maybe where you are right now is the transit. That doesn’t mean you aren’t travelling, you can’t be a rock, stuck in a moment. You need to be sand, swept away and landed wherever the wind takes you. Maybe you’re a monad with no home. And maybe that’s good; maybe you’ll never be homeless, and that is something to be happy about.

Gosh! From where should I even start?
All these poetries by the Annum swept me away through the various phases of life. 
I found myself relating to so many poems that she wrote. 
Here are some of my favorites:
● The narrow Escape of an Artist
● Home
● You are loved 
● Anna
● The last dance
● My body
● I found words
● Maybe
● Not your punch line
● Tell them
● Artists

Most of all her book inspired me, gave me motivation to write my own. I can’t write a long review for this one because reading and writing poems is a kind of an spiritual experience for me. I am unable to explain it in words. 
I will just say that you have to get this book and read it for yourself. It’s a different experience and you will feel it…take my word for it. 

Thank you so much Annum for sending me your book. I felt so honored to read it. Also, the wonder women bookmark you included in the box is literally my favorite❤. 
I say it again, please get this book for yourself and be prepared for the intense ride.

My signed copy.

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