Fixing by Humaira Amjad – Blog Tour Day 5

Book: Fixing
Author: Humaira Amjad
Genre: Poetry
Published on: 21st September 2019
Review copy sent by the author for an honest review and book tour.

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The Art of Letting Go: Poetry for the Seekers by Sanhita Baruah

Book: The Art of Letting go
Author: Sanhita Baruah
Genre: Poetry
Publishing Date: 27th November 2018
The e-copy of this book was provided by the author for review.

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Dancing is my Infinity

Was I limited to this body, I was born in? The intellect I so graciously possessed, Was it limited too?   Why these boundaries? They tried to set… The extremeties they believed in Why why why   The orthodox I was born into It tried to set those perimeters Tried to confine me Yet yet … Read more Dancing is my Infinity

Dear Diary: His soul

He had this pure soul This purity reflected in his eyes In his silence She could not stop staring at him   Sometimes it was so hard, To resist his striking beauty She knew his flaws Understood him like no other Accepted him for who he is truly   Such deep was their bond Such pure was … Read more Dear Diary: His soul

Dear Diary: My demons

Looking back into time When I was that timid little girl Scared of this world That time when others opinions still mattered  to me   That time when my past haunted me Those depression filled days Too many thoughts attacked me Too many nights, I cried to myself   Tried so much to distract myself … Read more Dear Diary: My demons