HumanAlien by Vika L. Coppens

Book: HumanAlien
Author: Vika L. Coppens
Genre: Self-help/Personal Journey
Published on: 16th January 2019
Physical copy of the book was sent by the author for reviewing.


Book Review:

I would like to thank the author for sending me the physical copy of her book. I appreciate this so much.

You can’t really tell what this book is like from it’s title. Reading the title human alien, you might think this is about humans and aliens but no it’s not that at all. This is the good thing about the title of this book that it makes you think deeply. And that’s exactly the whole book does. Makes you think about anything and everything so deeply.

This book is a mixture of spirituality, personal story, experience and the author feeling different from normal. Some how we all try to fit into this wide world with such diversity everywhere.

I personally felt like a human alien so many times in my life. Still do most of the times. But what does this mean? Who or what is a human alien. You gotta read this book to find out the answer. I loved how the author has divided this book into 4 phases of perhaps her life?. It’s still kind of a mystery. Like there are questions, so many questions asked by the author that makes you think… The writing style was so unique and all those raw emotions oozing out of every damn chapter… ahh…

But there was one negative point I felt that I need to highlight here to be honest. The book was too long and kind of elongated. I completely understand the author’s need to write about her personal journey and make humanity think about everything in this world. It’s just at some point I got exhausted while reading and I wanted it to end already.

When I finally reached the ending, I was literally so emotional and I was like what was that? what happened? The mystery continues but somehow it is the end.
I have never read something like this. To be able to tell such a personal story and yet maintain the mystery within the mystery…do you get what I mean? I hope you do.

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