The Unbridled Romance of Love & Pain by Safinah D. Elahi

Book: The Unbridled Romance of Love and Pain
Author: Safinah D. Elahi
Genre: Poetry
Published on: 7th August 2019
Review copy sent by the author.

Goodreads Synopsis:

A poetry book that kindles wonder in the heart of the readers. It is easy and short poetry, perfect to gift to your loved ones, or to keep at your own bedside.

Book Review:

“I came to peace with myself

When I opened my heart

To feelings I had been

Hiding from myself

Feeling a I hadn’t

Introduced myself to

It was nice to meet them

At last.

Firstly, thank you so much to author Safinah D. Elahi for sending me your poetry book. I love reading poetry and since I write poetry myself, this feels amazing.

I will get back to the poetries itself in a bit because I want to talk about the physical book. The cover itself is so simple yet beautiful and the pages of the book…Omg they are just so soft and beautiful. All of this made the reading experience even more mind blowing.

When I saw that there were these short poems on each page with deep feelings oozing out of them, I was just so intrigued. Most poem books that I’ve read till now have a title and are beautifully formed no doubt.
But the pure beauty of this book were all these little poems in such raw form. They just got to me, like each and Every one of em. I was reading them and it just felt like
..what I know this feeling, I have felt these emotions and omg I have gone through this experience. I could relate to all of these raw, powerful words so intimately.

Thank you Safinah for these powerful And heartwrenching poems. This book is a treasure that I will cherish and will always look back to?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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