When the word poetry comes in the minds of people, some people think that it is boring and some people do love to read poetry. In my opinion poetry is a literary art in which you can express your true feelings about anything and everything. People express themselves in many different forms like bringing our their thoughts and feelings in a picture form that’s through sketches and paintings, some people have a fine way to express themselves through singing as they have a very pleasant voice, there are people who also dance very well and they have a way of expressing themselves through dance and there are people who beautifully express themselves through poetry by writing poems themselves.There are poems which consist of rhyming word and there are poems which don’t have any rhyming words in it but still it is written elegantly. These both forms of poetry exist and every other person who writes poetry has its own way of writing. Most people think that the poetry which has rhyming words in it is the right form of poetry and a piece of writing will be called a poetry only when it consists of rhyming words in it but that is not completely true because there are people who are not able to do poetry in rhymes. Those  poems are called free poems which don’t have rhymes in it but still are considered as poems because it consist of stanzas, the thoughts and feelings of the poet is articulated in a symbolic way. When you read these kinds of poems you literally feel what the poet is trying to convey and sometimes you feel that the poem is about you or you feel exactly the same way as the poet feels as well as you understand the symbols that are articulated in the poetry.Poetry is my area of interest because I myself write poems. I express my thoughts and feelings through poetry because when I was a child I used to write a lot whatever I felt like writing as well as I used to read novels. My reading habit developed as I grew up, my vocabulary improved from reading novels and as a matter of fact my writing abilities also enhanced with passing time. Then I discovered my utmost strength that is writing poems and also other pieces of writing. Now writing has become my passion and a key towards my success. I won’t say that I am perfect at it. I am still learning, still trying to improve my writing abilities and I will never stop writing because it is a part of me now and it’s a part of who I am truly.

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