I Walk Alone In The Wind Storm

There’s a place in my mind

There’s a place in my dream

There’s a time in my life

That place in my mind is an open field

That place in my dream is infinite and empty

That time in my life is when i am alone

That time in my life is when i feel empty

In my mind i am in an open field

I am all alone and winds are blowing heavily

It feels like a windstorm is about to come

I feel so scared before the storm

Because my intuition tells me its too dangerous

Its too dangerous to be alone in the storm

Yet i walk alone in the windstorm

Because there is no other place to go

This place is infinite and i keep walking

There is no shelter here

Its just me and this windstorm

I look up at the sky like i want to reach there

Because the winds are blowing heavily

I keep walking hoping to find a place where i belong

This place is bright but vacant as well

I keep walking alone in the windstorm

Because i came here alone

Sometimes i feel trapped here

Sometimes i feel like i belong here

I will face this storm alone

And i know i will survive

Because i am strong enough to face many storms

And still I’ll be alone to face many others

As i walk alone in the windstorm

No one else can be with me for long enough

When i wished for a friend or a partner

I got friends along the way

Many guided me very well

Some left me alone half way

Few came to spend time with me

And went away

No matter Who’s with me and who’s not

I will be alone in this empty infinite place

Because no one can face this storm

This storm which is meant for me alone, to face

No matter how heavy the winds are

No matter how heavy the rain that will come

I’ll walk alone in this windstorm

And still I’ll be happy to walk alone

Because i am following that light

Which leads me ahead

My intuition guides me on this path of light

It tells me to walk alone

So i walk alone in the windstorm

I walk alone with hope and smile

7 thoughts on “I Walk Alone In The Wind Storm”

  1. Life is such…sometimes stormy….and it times calm…..and creation tells us in its universal message of truth that on this journey of the mystery of life, we are destined to walk alone – hope and friendships help us to move onwards to arrive at the final destination……after all, we are……but just passing by! Very nicely written!


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